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Creed Original Vetiver Shaving Soap

This is an expensive soap, but, unlike other expensive soaps such as Penhaligons or Floris, this seems distinctly better than less expensive, yet excellent soaps (such as the three T's). I had great results with the lather and found it to be a very rich, distinctive lather with great lubrication as well. The scent is, of course, great, but, unfortunately, Creed does not make a Vetiver aftershave balm. The bowl is unfinished wood, but is easy to hang on to when wet. I've enjoyed trying out many different soaps in the last couple of years, but so far this is the only one that has knocked my socks off.
I recently got this soap having tried the cologne by Creed and thought it would be good to have as a luxurious soap to use every once in a while. The requests to post a review here have been coming in for quite a while and now that I've had a chance to use it a few times, I thought I'd share my views with you.

First of all, most ask about the price. Yes, it's expensive and even if you take the cost per shave into account it isn't necessarily attractive compared to other soaps out there. I think it's no soap that you buy and have in a rotation regularly. You're probably more likely to buy it and have it in the den for those really special times - a bit like the cologne if you ask me.

The scent is of course the motivation behind this purchase for me. I went to Harrods (not my favourite store - but not many other places stock it) in London to get hold of it where I could at least smell it. The scent is just like the Original Vetiver scent by Creed. Very floral, "green" and a little earthy.

Packaging - The box is really cool and the bowl also looks good. However, the bowl feels very flimsy, light in weight and colour and of cheap material. At this price, I would expect something at least as thick and heavy as the Trumper's offering. Nonetheless, the bowl isn't too important, but it seems you're stuck with it as I haven't seen the soap sold separately.

Lather wise, this is certainly no Tabac or Trumper's. It needs to be worked on a bit but when you're there, the results are rewarding. It's slick enough for my straights to go over it and cut my whiskers quite close. Another minor point that arises from the packaging as well as lathering is that algae tends to build up on the inside of the bowl. Could be the amount of water I am using or the fact that my den is a little too warm. Nonetheless, my other wooden bowls don't seem to suffer from this.

Moisturising properties are probably its best asset along with the scent itself. After the shave my skin felt like cotton wool glazed in margarine. I couldn't stop feeling my face. Those of you with normal skin may well get away with not putting anything on afterwards but I used a balm and it resulted in no itchiness, rash or razor burn. It worked well with the Roger & Gallet L'Homme Balm as well as Lotion Opaline.

I've used it along side various colognes and the scent has remained unobtrusive, subtle, but very pleasant.

I have no idea how long it will last or whether this is a winter or spring soap, however so far the results are good and I intend to hold onto it.
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