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Coate's Sandalwood

Price: It ain't cheap. It's more than Trumper's but slightly less than DR Harris. It's the perfect price point for Coate's in general, but this particular scent is simply not as good a value as some of the other products in their line.

Quality: High-end English.

Scent: Coate's creams tend to have a freshness to them, and this one seems especially strong. It's closest to Trumper's Sandalwood cream, except with the soap notes especially dominant and without the leathery tone. It still has a dusty woodiness to it, although it's subdued and leans somewhat towards AOS although much less prominent.

Latherability: An absolute dream. Coate's creams are very forgiving to lather, which means that you might content yourself with simply getting a good lather with zero effort. Do not. With a little more attention, your lather goes from good to absolutely amazing. There's a definite sweet spot that takes some practice to find, but it's well worth it.

Efficacy: As close to perfection as you can get with a cream. This stuff gives you the closeness of a shave that competes with the slickest of shaving soaps with the a degree of cushioning that can't be beat. Simply incredible.

Moisturizing Properties: The achilles heel. Perhaps due to the fragrance, this Coate's cream leaves my naturally rather oily skin bone dry. It takes twice the usual amount of AOS Sandalwood balm to bring my skin back to where it should be. Having said that, within ten minutes my skin feels perfectly normal again, but it's simply a highly unpleasant feature of this otherwise excellent cream.

Packaging: Nothing exceptional either way.

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