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Carley's Clear and Smooth "Natural Soap Bars"

I should mention that I haven't used a lot of soaps and creams yet. However, some that I have used have been Pre de Provence, Classic Brand Unscented, Cyril Mint, Pro Lab Series.

This is about as unscented as you can get which might turn some people that want something more exciting off. It has quality list of natural ingredients. It is not described as a shaving soap, it is not a puck but comes in a sorta' ugly bar form. Still, this stuff works surprisingly well. It keeps me soft and is very gentle as a cleanser. As a shaving soap it's pretty slick and lathers up nice. For $5 a bar it lasts quite a long time and is of good value for someone with sensitive skin. If you're dissatisfied they also have a garantee which includes shipping and handling charges and when I placed my order on multiple bars I received a handful of samples, one of which included a container of tangerine lip balm that lasted me months.

This is what it says it has in it (Coconut, Olive, Soybean and rice bran oils - no animal ingredients). natural SHEA BUTTER (from West Africa) and MANGO BUTTER (from India). We also use APRICOT KERNAL OIL and CASTOR OIL.

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