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Birsen Tütün Kolonyasi - Turkish Brand, Tobacco Cologne

Might it work as an animal repellent? I have cats p**sing near my front porch.
Wow, this is a great review!
In Turkey the 99% of the barber-shops do use such kind of "Kolanya", mostly scent of lemon.
I agree, I purchased this w/ all of the Arko stuff I purchased thinking what the hell, seven bucks, if it sucks No biggie..... well as soon as I pulled it out of the box BLAMMO! a waft of cheapness! I could not even bring myself to apply it to my skin, and in the trash it went.:eek:
Cheers, DJ.
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A couple of weeks ago, while ordering some soaps and creams from a Turkish market, I came across Birsen's Tütün Kolonyası (tobacco cologne). As I am a huge fan of tobacco scented items, I figured, "hey, why not".

Price - Roughly, 15oz for $7.

Packaging - This cologne comes in a very cheap plastic bottle and the cap does not securely seal. The seller was aware of this problem as they hermetically sealed the bottle in plastic wrap before shipping.

Staying Power - Forever (seemingly). I could still smell this product on me after taking a shower and desperately trying to scrub it off.

Quality/Scent - This is, without a doubt, the absolute worst product from any category that I have ever used in my life. I think this is the same formula that is used for stink bombs. It makes the back of my throat water like I need to vomit.

Overall - The absolute horror of this product leaves me nearly speechless. After the first application, I was so disgusted by the smell that I immediately jumped back in the shower to wash it off. Throughout the remainder of the day, I still caught wafts of it. A deep sniff of this sewage can leave you crying and in the fetal position. Stay away from it at all costs!

There is absolutely no need for any additional comments on this product, so I am not posting a discussion thread.
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