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Aubrey Organics "Spice Island" Aftershave Splash

Pros: Great Bay Rum/Patchouli scent with good longevity
Cons: A bit more pricey than the usual drugstore AS's
PRICE- roughly $10 for 4 oz
QUALITY - good ingredients,some even organic, and well made
FIGHTS RAZOR BURN - N/A as I haven't had any to try this on
COOLING SENSATION - it's a bay rum, so a bit of heat is appropriate, but this is no Pinaud Virgin Island Bay Rum by any stretch! Cooling is from alcohol evaporation only - no menthol here
SCENT - complex, bay rum/patchouli/vetiver :thumbup1:
EFFICACY - works well for me
MOISTURIZING - aloe, witch hazel, and glycerin make it quite soothing
NO ALCOHOL BURN - alcohol is the first ingredient, but it's well-buffered. Hey, it's a bay rum, embrace the burn! (...what little there is...)

A very well-made and effective product. This is the only scent of the Aubrey Organics line that I have tried, so I can't comment about where this sits relative to the others. It is soothing and effective, and has a really complex, spicey, bay rum/patchouli/vetiver scent that I enjoy quite a bit and is fairly long-legged: I can still catch whiffs of it 4 or 5 hours later. The use of aloe and witch hazel makes this very skin-friendly, though it has a small bit of bite upon initial application. It even comes in a glass bottle with a reducer built into the neck, which seems to be a more and more rare thing these days. This AS uses quite a few essential oils which tend to separate out over time, so I would suggest a good shake before every application to re-incorporate them.

One other thing that I want to mention is that, contrary to the OP, I find that the predominent note after the bay rum burns off during the drydown is patchouli, and I really don't get much of a vetiver note at all. The patchouli is not overpowering, but you will notice it wafting up throughout the next few hours - not a bad thing for me, but YMMV. Consequently, I would suggest this AS for casual settings - I don't think I would wear it in an office, for example. For those of us who lived through the '60s, the patchouli note has connotations of "dirty hippie" that might be inappropriate to some in a formal setting. Due to the rather long legs of this AS, you will probably have to find a complimentary cologne (or go without) to avoid clashing.

Aubrey Organics Spice Island AS can be picked up at your local Whole Foods (EDIT: Whole Foods seems to not be carrying this product anymore [as of 9/4/12]. However, it can be special ordered from them) , and is probably available at other health food stores as well. Overall, a very nice take on bay rum which uses quality ingredients, is kind to your skin, and with a patchouli/vetiver twist that makes it different and longer lasting.
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No Alcohol Burn
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Cooling Sensation
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Fights Razor Burn
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