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Allure by Chanel

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My wife was involved with this choice, but we both liked it immediately. It has a modern, masculine, oriental, lightly spiced, scent. Wood comes through, and as it sits it sweetens a bit. That is not to say it is a sweet scent though.

My only problem, and hence why it got a 7, was the staying power. It does stay with you all day, but will turn into a hint after about 4 hours or so. However, I find that when I am taking my undershirt off in the evening that I can still smell it on there...perhaps I just become accustom to it.

Allure is not overpowering at all, so using too much would take some effort.

One of my favorite colognes and a definite 'go to'. Highly recommend.

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I've been wearing Allure as my signature scent since its inception in the late '90s. Even published a short little editorial about my waxing and waning experience with this scent, particularly with regards to affording it:


But here let me just say this: From '99 to 2006, Chanel readily mass-produced and sold 3.4 oz. spray bottles of Allure for $60 at major department stores like Macys. In those days, the fragrance was perfectly priced, but a little on the weak side. I used to apply up to 7 spritzes per day, simply because after 90 minutes I was left with just a suggestion of Allure, rather than an outright presence. The 7-spritz quotient meant I got around 4 hours out of it, and after that it only passed the hug-test.

Then I fell on lean times, as my article above states, and stopped using Allure. Dropping $60 on a cologne was not an option. When I finally returned to using it this year, I found that things have changed. In a good way, and a bad way.

First, the bad way: Allure is now primarily sold in a 1.7 oz. spray bottle. Good luck finding the 3 oz. online, and forget about finding it in department stores - they just don't carry it anymore. Rather than halve the price along with the quantity, Chanel decided to buck standard industry trends, and brought cost down a measley $4! You can expect to drop $58 after tax on the new size.

Now the good: As a seasoned Allure nose, I detect a reformulation - to the stronger side! The fragrance itself as far as notes and structure has not changed at all. Still a gorgeous, dignified, sexy scent. But the silage now outshines the Allure of old. Instead of 7, I now only need 2 or 3 spritzes to last a whole day. It still starts to wane after a few hours, but it doesn't recede to being a skin scent like it used to. And I applaud Chanel for this - it makes sense. If they're not going to lower the cost after down-sizing, they certainly ought to strengthen the potency. The spritzer is like Davidoff's Cool Water - one hell of an dispensing unit - so you always get a face-full and the contents of the bottle empty quickly. But at least now I'm using less, so the smaller bottle will last a fair amount of time.

If you can afford it, I highly recommend Allure. Its popularity has been jostled a bit by its age (many consider it too '90s now), but the truth is that it is very unique, incredible well made, and is guaranteed to garner compliments from the ladies, as it has for me.
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I hate anything burberry. HATE IT.

The Allure by Chanel is AWESOME stuff, and its the stuff I wear regularly.
I hear ya, all the ladies supposedly love this scent. I have a love hate relationship with this one. Sometimes I like sometimes I don't. Its not my favorite for sure. I really love Armani - Code, Allure Sport edition, la Male - Gaultier, Burberry London!

I will give this one more time!

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