Writing Challenge: Win a bottle of Benevolent Badger Blue! Details inside.

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  1. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. As the title says, I want to challenge the denizens of The Nib to do some writing. I enjoy writing--be it jotting my thoughts down in a journal or writing short pieces influenced by what I'm reading or how I'm feeling at the time. For me, writing is a way to relax and clear my mind. I want all of you to get involved as well. Maybe some of you already write on a regular basis and maybe some of you hardly write at all. For this challenge, I want you all to write a "short" piece of anything! Fiction or nonfiction in any style or genre, just write something! I put the word "short" in quotes because, for the purpose of this challenge, "short" will be a relative term; there is no cutoff or required word count. The catch is that you must write it out on paper before typing it up and posting it here. Redundant, yes, but variety redundancy is the spice of life. I ask that you include what pen, ink and paper you used to craft your piece of writing. Only one entry per person as well please. If you want, you can also include what inspired or influenced you in your writing. I regret to add that I must limit the winner to CONUS addresses as I'm a college kid hoping to keep costs low. Sorry 'bout that. This challenge is open to ALL members, Mods, Stews, penguins, and Bigfoots.

    Here's where things get a bit fuzzy: I really don't have a set cutoff date for the challenge. I'm planning on keeping it open as long as people are consistently posting their entries. I don't really have a way of determining the winner either. I'll be sure to let you all know as soon as I work that out. The prize for the winner (however he or she is determined) will be a new bottle of Noodler's/Badger & Blade Benevolent Badger Blue fountain pen ink. Why Benevolent Badger Blue? Because it's a great ink that supports a great cause and because, to put it frankly, I'm fully behind anything that requires me to make an order from WCS. I'll post a piece of mine shortly to help break the ice and get the ball rolling. Now let's get started!
  2. How about if we write it on paper, then scan it to a PDF file?
  3. Good suggestion! That way we can see the inks/papers that people are using.

    If any of you don't have scanners or don't have the time/ability to scan it, no worries!
  4. I better start thinking of something good, because if it is judged on handwriting I am gonna be tossed out on my ear :001_smile Seriously, this is a great PIF and I am looking forward to reading the entries. (No one tell topgumby, he can out write anybody :biggrin:)
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    I'm right there with you. I used to hate writing, but now that I have great FP's and nice ink, I love it, but damn do I still have atrocious lefty handwriting (is there any other kind for lefties?)

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  7. UPDATE: I'm out of town until tomorrow so I'll be a bit late to post my piece of writing. I'd also like to change something in my first post--this contest is now open to international members!
  8. Thank you...

  9. Awesome PIF(?) I'd love to participate I just don't want any ink duplicates. Great ink!
  10. I haven;t got a fountain pen.. yet.. something I intend to change shortly. I'll need ink...

    Having said that does it need to be written in fountain pen or will biro do ?
  11. I hope it can start with "It was a dark and stormy night..."
  12. Doc4

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    Yes, of course.

    ... and it will end with a bottle of ink being mailed to someone else. :001_tt2:
  13. Sorry for the delay, everyone. I've been traveling for a few days and have been away from B&B!

    Any writing utensil will do! You can even chisel it into a stone block or carve it into a tree. :001_tt2:

  14. Those schoolkids in ancient rome must have been pretty strong, carry all those marble blocks with them to take notes.
  15. Not an entry. Just a gentle reminder of the importance of good punctuation...

    and a bit of fun.
    Written with my pc and keyboard (I appreciate the intent behind the challenge, so that is why this is not an entry.)

    An Apostrophic Event.

    Sir we’re having an apostrophic event!
    A what??
    An apostrophic event, sir, apostrophe’s are being misused. See sir, it just happened there.
    All right, we’ll investigate! Come along, Mr. Spelchk. Webster, beam us down.
    Watch your step, sir, there’s a minefield of commas out there, it looks like they were just tossed out by the handful.
    How do we get across this then?
    Well, the periods and question marks appear to be in the proper places I suggest we follow those.. sir.
    Wait…. there are, four periods right here, why so many?
    Perhaps decoys, sir???
    And there are 3, question marks ,over there!
    Probably just to confuse us, sir!
    What a questionable, practice!! !
    No sir just, overly dramatic!
    Oops, we had best get moving the area, is beginning to, affect our ability to, communicate effectively, sir.
    It is quite, affective, isn’t it Mr; Spelchk?!
    Sir!! You gave me a semi-colon!
    Well’ you’re, not a full, colon then, are you?
    Yes we,had better, move before we are asterisk our ampersands.
    I agree sir we, don’t want to lose those --#/@*%&
    Mister Spelchk , you’re language!!?
    Sorry, sir I dashed, my toe into a numbersign.
    Then “wrap it up” in some ,quotes and keep it clean!
    Look ,around! What a mess,you would, think their parentheses would, have taught them better!
    Yes sir but, the italics’ are a different, breed, you know,” always going off on, a tilt to stand out from the crowd.
    I’m not font, of the” italics for that, very reason, Mr’ Spelchk and they can be very bold in their attempts to stress a point.
    I think, we’ve, seen enough,…. Webster! Scroll us up!
    I can’t sir; my screen shows you and Mr. Spelchk as red, green and blue squiggles. It appears you’ve been infected sir, we can’t read you.
    Infected??! With what???/
    Punctuated, sir!
    How did, that’ happen, we, didn’t eat any thing!
    We could run you past an editor sir, but you would risk losing your dangling participles.
    Is there, any other, way?/?
    There is a new radical procedure, sir, a transfusion!
    Would, we have to be cross’+matched for –that?/?
    No sir, we have typos for the transfusion, typos are universal.
    Can’ you send ,them down?)
    Yes sir, we have a boatload of typos!
    Whe’re did we, get all those +typo’s?!
    Fat fingers, sir!
    All -right’ send them down. Mr” Spelchk’ bring those typo’s here!.\
    Of coyrse, sit.
    What did you say’?^
    Tes air!
    Webster!! the typo transfusion has’ made mr] Spelchk} ,totally- unintelligible\?/
    Yes , but it has greatly increased readability aboard ship sir! We are glad to be rid of them.
    You mean…this is mutiny?!”?!$#\
    Yes sir, it had to be done. You never properly applied the rules of punctuation. You and Mr. Spelchk let so many errors go by that communication was becoming impossible.
    Wegstre!! Don’stwand us hfere!)\[[
    Captain Webster’s log: Star date 020102011
    Leaving behind the punctuation errors and typos that so plagued our society, we have made it safe for clear concise communication of thoughts and ideas across the galaxy once again. TNLNSL TFTC ROFLMAO CUL8R
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    The grammar police have a sense of humor!!!! In regards to the challenge, I'm frozen. I cant decide what paper, pen and ink to use for the one and only shot! I agonize over what the best combo is. But i suppose that is part of the fun, less than a year ago I would've said notebook paper and a Bic. What is the fun in that?
  17. And for any of you who might be afraid that your entry is too silly, here is mine. It was inspired by a trip to Red Lobster.

    EDIT: I wrote it in a cheap Staples notebook using my B&B/Edison Glenmont filled with 5 O'Clock Shadow!

    The Sunday lunch rush was always busy. He hadn't experienced it firsthand, though--it was his first day on the job. Almost everybody was new. He looked around at all of the families waiting to be seated and couldn't help but feel both lonely and homesick. The Midwest set him on edge. Things were certainly different on the East Coast. He concluded that the nice weather was what drew the large crowd and then quickly changed his mind to decide that lobsters didn't need to worry about things like that. The most pressing issue was figuring out why there were rubber bands on his claws and how to get rid of them. He wasn't sure how he knew what a rubber band was but again decided that he didn't need to worry about such things. It was going to be a bad day.
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    Lol, nice! Damn sentient lobsters...

  19. OK my entry and yes, I did write this out in advance, in biro !

    Oh and it's unfinished too.....

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    My entry is a little bit of freestyle verse, written this morning (the first day of Spring) in a 9 1/2" x 6" Staples "Sustainable Earth notebook, using a Benton Clay "Big Green Fountain Pen" (medium nib) and Noodler's Kiowa Pecan ink.


    Thoughts of Springtime

    Leaves budding.
    Early flowers poking up from the cold dirt.
    Reaching to greet the warming sun.
    Bird songs ringing through the woodlands
    And across the fields.
    Staking out their territories
    Announcing their awesomeness to potential mates.
    March winds blowing puffy clouds
    Across the blue sky.

    Renewal is here.

    This precious, fleeting moment will soon give way
    To summer's heat and thunderstorms.
    Which then is followed by autumn and winter.
    But the cycle repeats, infinitely.
    And we are along for the ride...
    The highs, the lows, the predictable, the unknown.

    I wouldn't trade it for anything.
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