Witch Hazel vs Alum Block

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  1. I currently use Thayers Medicated Superhazel Witch Hazel w/ Aloe Vera Astringent after I wash my face with cold water. Other days I use a different aftershave or balm depending on the soap I used.

    Do you guys use witch hazel every day or do you pick witch hazel or aftershave?

    Also, if using witch hazel/aftershave do you guys use an alum block?

    I just got my DE razor and got a lot of razor burn the first shave. Two days later its still burning a bit even after using witch hazel two days in a row. I was thinking maybe the alum block would help.

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    I am not a big fan of Alum Block since it leaves a chalky white residue. However, Speick aftershave lotion (Splash) has Alum and witch hazel in it so you get the benefit of alum block without the white residue. As a side benefit, Speick smells pretty nice too. :cool:
  3. I use Thayer's products, but not as an aftershave. Most of the a/s I use contain witch hazel anyway.
    What I do is rinse well with warm water after my shave, then rub my face with an alum block. Then, I clean my brush and bowl, etc., rinse again with cooler water, finish cleaning up, THEN apply aftershave. I've never had any trouble with residue.
  4. I'm unable to comment on an alum block or Thayers... But, I can say regular Dickinson's witch hazel works well for me after every shave (after a warm then cold water rinse), which is every other day.
  5. Actually, I have been using both lately. After a cool water rinse, I rub the alum block all over (no white, chalky residue, ever?), let it dry while I clean up then splash witch hazel on. Seems to work very well for me.
  6. I quit using alum on my face because of the residue. I discovered Thayer's alone is all I need. I use cologne for scent.

    Except on the days I need my Clubman fix. Or dollar store Old Spice knockoff/Bay Rum combo fix.
  7. Whoohoo! Another fan of Speick! I like Witch hazel because it has the property of combating acne and helps to heal the skin. Alum is of course known for it's ability to stop bleeding very nice. You won't have the residue from the Speick splash though. It's great stuff!
  8. Same deal here and I LOOVEE that sting effect for some reason, it makes me just know it's working.
  9. You can't fix razor burn with alum or witch hazel. What you have to do is avoid the affected area for a couple days or go very lightly with the grain if you must. Your skin has been injured and it needs time to heal.

    I use witch hazel after each shave after a cold water splash. After the witch hazel dries I use an after shave balm. I prefer Blenheim Bouquet. It is pure pampering and makes your face feel like a million. Sometimes I will follow with an AS but more likely not, why ruin that wonderful scent.

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    I'm new at this myself and saw somewhere (maybe on one of Mantic's videos?) about using witch hazel after rinsing with warm water right after finishing your shave, then closing the pores with cold water, followed by after shave. I've been trying this, using Thayers, then cold water rinse, air dry, then Musgo Real AS, and it works great for me.

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