Who's number 2?

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  1. So it's been long decided that Feather is the sharpest blade out there and is my blade of choice. I don't get the feeling there is a definitive number 2 sharpest blade. So I pose this question out of curiosity....
    Based on you guys experience what is the number 2 sharpest blade on the market?
  2. Iridium Super Stainless
  3. Iridiums!!!:thumbup1:
  4. Gillette Yellow tied with the Iridium Super.
  5. Feathers #9 on a Fatboy
  6. I will also chime in with Iridium Super as being a close second for sharpness. It beats out number of fine blades in doing so.
  7. Gillette 7 O'clock SharpEdge (aka 'Yellow")! :biggrin1:
  8. +1 on Iridiums. They're my #1 blade because they're nearly Feather-sharp but don't cause as many Featherlacerations.


    Jeff in Boston
  9. +1 on Iridiums, super sharp and more forgiving then Feathers. :thumbsup:
  10. Gonna be a black sheep and say KAI....Love Em':001_tt2:
  11. +1

    I have also heard Kai blades are just as sharp; they are made in Japan.

  12. Iridiums & Gillette 7:00 O'clock Yellows. Both are sharp enough for my tastes.
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    I would pick Kai and Astra...
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    More importantly," Who does number 2 work for?"
  16. I don't know if you're solely looking for the sharpest blade, or the best blade. There is a difference. Make mine a Shark.
  17. I just thought of another contender for the second-sharpest blade: Personna medical grade blades. Limited reviews seem to indicate that it is very sharp, I think I'm going to order some up and see.
  18. Super Iridium for me.
  19. Iridiums, which are still a wee bit too aggressive for me (Feathers treat me like a blood donor).
  20. Among blades currently produced, I'd agree with the yellow 7 o'clocks/Super Iridiums. I just used a fresh Personna 74 today, and it's up there with a Feather in terms of sharpness, although I'd say that the Feather is still the sharpest blade out there. However, a Personna 74 lasts forever, and for me, the Feather is signficantly duller on second use.

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