What's a good DE for someone prone to ingrown?

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Although, I'm newly registered to the site, I've been using B&B for a number of years as my guide to shaving. I have learned a lot from many of your posts (many thanks!).

    For my first post, I would like help figuring out what DE is best suited for someone who gets lots of ingrowns? I have been using a Merkur HD for about 4 years now. At first, it did help alleviate the ingrowns but I was still getting them. I even went as far getting laser hair removal (only one session) to help alleviate the problem; though it did significantly reduce the problem, it didn't prevent altogether.

    I have tried various pre shaves, creams, soaps and blades but still get ingrowns. I shave right after the shower. I don't shave ATG as it will exacerbate the ingrowns. I currently use a Merkur HD w/ Feather Blades. I've been lathering up with TOBS and use proraso balm as my aftershave.

    I'm not sure if I should be using another razor. Please feel free to provide recommendations/suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  2. Slant, no question. Don't be afraid of it.
    Also make sure not to stretch your skin too much if you are at all...could be part of the issue.
  3. SOS


    I'm prone to ingrowns on certain areas of my face (side of mouth and neck line), what helped me the most was a open comb razor. I use a Muhle R101 2010 model and a Merkur 15c, I also use a Futur and I don't develop very many ingrowns with that model. Some time this year I will buy and try a slant to see how that works.
  4. +1 slant. Merkur 37c, it seems counterintuitive, but it works.
  5. Now that I think about it an OC has helped me on this too...Merkur 11C
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies. Just like SOS, I too get ingrowns on the side of mouth and neck line. So far from this thread, I'm hearing slant and OC. I'm ready to dive in and get my next razor. I will have to research all of the above recommendations and choose from there.
  7. I get ingrown hair if I do too much prep. Try shaving before the shower for a week and see.

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    Welcome to the B&B.....here one of our esteemed members Mark aka Mantic59, he is legendary in the shave world.
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  9. Very insightful video. Thanks for sharing. I've received very helpful advice which I can't wait to apply.
  10. Open-Comb razors!
  11. As a recently buying a slant (37c) Im going to recomend it . I have both ej89 and Hd . Effortless bbs no irriatation
  12. Thank you all for your recommendations. It's so tough to make a decision since the recommendations are split down the middle. Do Slants offer the same shave as OCs? I've never owned a Muhle so I'm kinda tempted to give the R41 a shot since I already own a Merkur. I also just read a post of Merkurs corroding within the year. Again, tough decision to make. Please feel free to provide any more insight as I would like to purchase a razor tomorrow. Thanks again.
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    I would also add that since switching to DE shaving, I have stopped suffering from ingrowns altogether. Typically, I use a Tech and an Astra SP, and never go ATG (XTG works fine, though). I also use an EJ, and it has never given me a problem. I would also echo the advice about not stretching your skin too much if you suffer from ingrowns. Look for a DFS++, and not a BBS. That should help, too.
  14. Try using a Slant or Open Comb razor.
  15. You gents have been great. Slant will be my next razor. I'm on my way to Pasteurs in NYC to pick it up along with a few other goodies. I will update you on my first shave.
  16. I'd be surprised if a change of razor helped that much, I find it's more a case of over shaving or shaving too closely that causes problems.
  17. It makes a difference. In fact that's the reason I only use OC razors.
  18. I agree with this as well as switching to an open comb. I believe there are many factors involved in the problem with ingrowns. A good razor and face mapping helps a lot.
  19. Over the past four years, I've tried various techniques. I no longer stretch my skin or apply pressure when shaving and I still get ingrowns. I've tried several blades but only one produces the least amount of ingrowns, and that's Feather. After reading several posts, many people had good things to say about the Muhle R41 but did point out that it was a very aggressive razor (more aggressive than a slant). Dusty and Joson, did you ever use a slant? If so, do you think OCs are still better for folks w/ ingrowns?

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