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  1. Found something today, I had to share. Here is the before. $DSCN0297.jpg $DSCN0319.jpg $DSCN0299.jpg

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    1908...you have all the blades?
  3. It was missing one blade Alex. I put a modern SE in the slot, just to fill it. Is something missing from the end of the handle? It has threads there, and the handle for the strop will screw into it. But it doesn't look right.
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    is it the flip open case 1908 or the slide open case with the Z trademark on case?
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  5. Where would it be?
  6. That is neat Johnny. Very fancy. Looks like a turn of the 20th century piece.
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    its on case, you tell by the latch, is it flip open or slide open latch?
  8. Wow that is cool. Congrats on the nice find Johnnie!
  9. Flip. Looks like a sterling latch. May not be, but it appears to be.
  10. Very nice 1907 set. One of the first Gems that used the modern disposable SE blade in place of the old wedge blade. Not too many of these old warhorses are left, especially with the instruction sheet.
  11. No, that's right. The two handle sections screw together to make a pretty long handle (though I don't usually use both sections together myself) and the bottom section does double duty as the handle for the stropping attachment.

    It's a nice set. Have you tried it out yet?
  12. I'm kind of surprised that a razor blade manufacturing company would include a strop handle with their razor, making it easy for customers to extend the life of DISPOSABLE blades is kind of self-defeating.
  13. GEM certainly didn't view themselves as a disposable blade manufacturer at this point. They were just starting to transition from razors that used more or less "permanent" wedge blades, and the public's expectations for a product hadn't yet changed to the point where a disposable blade was assumed. One of their main sales points against the new upstart, Gillette, at the time was how many more shaves you could get from their blades. Even Gillette at this time was offering to resharpen blades that customers returned to them for less than the cost of purchasing a new pack of blades.
  14. sweet, congrats :)

    i picked up a gem junior that's pretty close to that, the case is identical except mine says gem junior on the cross band, not gem cutlery co.

    what does your instruction sheet say ?

    mine only has a sales slip and a "favor" card that reads(the bold is bolded on the card) :

    If you will kindly tell your
    friends what a boon the "Gem
    Junior" really is, and where
    you bought it
    , you would confer a
    great favor to them, the dealer and
    the manufacturer.
    Read Directions

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  15. Disposable maybe wasn't the correct term, but the new blades could be tossed out and replaced by a fresh one when it got dull if the customer chose. I'm curious how many men stropped the blades to keep them going and how many just replaced them as they got dull.
  16. Why do people collect these old Gems? Do you shave with them? Are they increasing in value? Saw a few yesterday at some junk shops but didn't bite on any of 'em because I didn't have enough knowledge to know the value.
  17. Very nice! Yours is just a bit different from jbradleys because it has the bar that sets across the blade, hence the name Gem Junior Bar.

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    Nice score, Johnnie!

  19. "Why do people collect these old Gems?" Because they're crazy.

    "Do you shave with them?" Only crazy people.

    "Are they increasing in value?" No, they're cheap because only contrary, crazy coots use them.

    "Saw a few yesterday at some junk shops but didn't bite on any of 'em because I didn't have enough knowledge to know the value." Offer t'ree-fiddy and the proprietor will probably accede after awhile because nobody else has ever bought one of the damned things.

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