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  1. Well I found this randomly after searching around after seeing the thread someone started about passing around a Sextoblade. Wanted to give it a try and the price was right. Thought it was kind of interesting, hadn't seen the Sextoblade version is clear red scales, still in nice shiny condition and the inside is almost the same, just a little bit of grunge right at the entrance to the blade channel that came off with some hot water and elbow grease. Now just need to get some hair shaper blades to try it out! $sextoblade.jpg
  2. I just shaved with the FROMM blades from Sally Beauty tonight, nice shave, no irritation and smooth. Personna blades are good too but stay away from the Brittany blades.
  3. Have fun with it! I haven't shaved with mine in a while, but they are very nice. Did yours come with a guard? I have used both with and without the guard, and if you can make the guard work, they indeed give a very very nice shave! If not, they can be a bit of a hassle. I think you will enjoy using it.
  4. No guard with mine, but came with a well worn leather case. Ad said the sextoblade was found in a vintage purse. Wasn't too concerned about the guard as I was looking for a disposable as close to a straight razor itself. Let y'all know how it goes when I can get my hands on some blades.
  5. Is there any difference between the Weck Sextoblade and a Weck Hair Shaper? The blade holder looks very similar in the pictures, but the scales do not look as nice. I just bought one with the intent to shave with it, but I have not received it yet…
  6. The Sextoblades that I have had have been more or less the size of a full sized razor, and have been very stiff. The Shapers have been more compact, requiring a different grip, and the one I had was made of thinner metal, and was not near as stiff. Both took the same blades and both gave a good shave.
  7. An interesting tidbit about the Sextoblade razors is that the spine is filled with lead or a lead substitute (antimony?) where the blade spine sits. Hitting the spine with a torch (USA) with the blade in the carrier caused the lead to reflow allowing for a tighter blade. I cant say it will work every time but it worked well in this case.

    If anybody wants the hairshaper style, I have a couple I am happy to PIF, the longer ones I will be keeping. :wink2:
  8. You guys are awful :lol: All these Weck posts got me to try my Weck without the guard. I have been using Wecks for while, but I have always kept the guard on. Well, it has been a week without the guard and while finishing up another excellent shave today, I gave myself my first cut while shaving, 2.5 inches on my right. While shaving, I felt the blade want to dig in and I pulled it up right away. Surprisingly it did not bleed much, and the cut can only be seen if I stretch my skin, but 2.5 inches.:cursing:
    Never had this problem with my regular straights.
  9. Are you sure it plunged through your skin, and didn't slice in? I have stretched in odd ways and nicked myself with up to an inch of the blade (no blood, but a flap of skin and lots of tenderness), and I have managed to remove the top off a small scar, but both were slicing motions, not plunging motions.
  10. I only shave WTG due to potential problems with ingrown hair if I go ATG. On the right side of my face my whiskers grow in the direction from my chin to my ear. While shaving this area, I must have let the blade move down, causing me to slice myself, or maybe the blade plunged though my skin like you said. Good thing i realized it and lifted the blade. It is more like a paper cut than anything else, since it bare went into the skin.

    I have a CJB disposable straight on the way to me, thanks to one or our awesome B&B members. I have been using the Weck to help get me ready. However, I must say, the Weck gives a pretty darn good shave. I have been using Fromm blades this far, but I would like to try some of those Promate blades.

    The Sextoblade I have is exactly the same as the one the OP pictured.

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