Vintage "Curvfit" SE razor! Anyone ever seen this before?!?

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Barber-Eile, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was looking through Etsy and I came across this. It's a bit of a stretch for my budget (as I can't afford to buy anything I wont use right now... I've yet to get into collecting though I can feel it sneaking up on me!)
    but I thought this was very unusual:

    Ladies Curvfit Vintage Razor

    It would seem that the blades themselves are either curved or are flexible enough to curve into the razor!

    Has anyone every seen this before or know anything about it?

  2. Interesting design.
  3. The Curvfit was made by the Curvfit Razor Co. of New York, NY under various patents dated from 1913 to at least 1945. The tradename was first used in 1924 so the razor apparently was around for quite a while.

    The razor used a unique blade which flexed to fit the curved head. There is a picture of a Curvfit set in a wooden case in the L-W Price Guide.

    The Curvfit shows up fairly often on Ebay but I don't know as I've seen one with all the original paperwork and a clean looking box as the one in your picture seems to have.

  4. Wow thanks for all the information Tom!

    As I say, if I had more money to spare I'd nab this one but I can't afford to start to become a collector.
  5. Where would one even find blades for that nowadays? Either way, it'd even be a great piece just to have and look at occasionally

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