Venus Transit

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  1. In case anyone has forgotten in the Mountain or Pacific time zones - The transit of Venus across the sun is in progress... Possibly still visible in the western part of central time zone - as long as sun is still above the horizon.

    Here's a shot from 19:35 Central Iowa. (The dark spots left and below Venus are sun spots.)

  2. nice shot. thanks for posting!
  3. Picture was taken by my daughter and I directly with her camera, shooting through a #10 welding filter glass that I use to view into my kiln through the peep hole. I'm surprised it turned out as well as it did.
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  5. I used something like an uncorrected "camera obscura" process so I wasn't looking directly at the sun. Look at the middle bottom instead of the top:
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  6. My brother-in-law took this picture by holding his iPhone up against the eyepiece of a neighbor's telescope. Pretty neat, eh? (His location was in the San Francisco Bay area.)

    Share your pics of the ToV here!

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  7. Needs moved to the barber shop forum.

    I watched it too. It was neat! Won't happen again until 2117.
  8. Turned out the guy with the backhoe was innocent (for once) and the shot came from the grassy knoll of the school IT dept...

    Can't find the link, I think it was on the ABC website, but the backhoe story is so common that even Telstra assumed it was the case and took the blame.

  9. Cool!

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