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  1. OK here goes...
    I've been using creams and brushes for years but have always used my Mach 3 with them. I'm very curious about DE shaving and thought I might just dip my toe in the water.... so what's the advice on what razor to go for. I read a comment on an injector rather than DE as an in between step to the Mach 3......what do you all reckon?

    Question 2.. futher to the above though I had a rummage on ebay and found this
    what on earth is it?!!

  2. DocB,

    I can offer something to question #1.

    I got back into DE shaving by purchasing a Merkur HD. Once I developed the proper grip and angle, I started getting some really smooth shaves.

    You may also have to try different brands of blades to see which combination of blade and razor works best. For a lot of folks here, that is half the fun.

    Question #2 I will leave up to someone else.
  3. The link is for a Rolls Razor which I think is a single bladed safety razor. It comes with it's own sharpening hone, a tool for holding the razor blade at the proper angle, and a leather strop to hone it when you're done.
  4. I started off using a Gillette slim adjustable pilfered out of the back of my dad's medicine cabinet as my first DE. I've been using a Merkur Progress for a few weeks now. I think I'm going to give the gillette another round as soon as I use up the blade in the Progress. Both give me excellent shaves.

    As far as a first DE, I'd say pick a razor you like and just learn to use it well. About the only one I might not go to right off the bat would be the Slant.
  5. The Rolls razor: picture in your mind's eye a straight razor (cut throat) blade. Now imagine cutting out a section of that blade and attaching a handle so that it can be applied like a safety razor. That is a Rolls razor. It was a transition razor between the straight and the safety razor. Can you cut yourself up with a Rolls? Well, do politicians ever stretch the truth?
  6. TimmyBoston

    TimmyBoston Moderator Emeritus

    I don't find an injector to be an inbetween step, they operate very similarly.

    Go with a Merkur HD, best starter razor there is. IMO, of course.
  7. EJ my first DE was a slant. I had no idea at the time I was jumping straight into the fire! :eek: Still I like it and if there is one razor that will force you to learn good technique a slant will. My Merkur long handle open comb is far more forgiving and gives a mean shave too. I haven't had time to christen any of the vintage bad boys I've acquired (and still acquiring) at the moment. I'll let you know about those in a future post!
  8. G'morning, DocB!

    WRT Question #1: I returned to "bladed" shaving (as opposed to Trac-II cartridges, or others) about a year ago. My first stop was purchasing several older, "classic", Schick injector razors (1930s-1940s) on eBay. It was a good idea, in retrospect; although I admit that it was not part of any "Greater Plan" on my part. I recommend going the SE-to-DE route for the following reasons:
    • Schick SE razors are plentiful and inexpensive on eBay.
    • The blade-to-face angle is naturally set-up by keeping the head held against your face, so you get a good smooth shave (almost) every time.
    • The narrow head-size and overall maneuverability make it easier to focus on developing good shaving technique.
    • Once you transition to a DE razor, having a SE around for post-shave "touch-ups" is invaluable.
    Also, those "classic" Schick SE razors are absolutely gorgeous! Nothing quite approaches the beauty of one from the Model "E"-series, with their butterscotch caramel-colored handle... ahhh, here we go, again -- food and sex.

    I recommend going SE-to-DE. Take your time. YMMV.
  9. Welcome,DocB!

    Nice to have you on board B&B!

    The first thing to identify is your beard and skin-type. Is your beard tough, and your skin sensitive? If you were to intentionally skip a day, would your 5:00 shadow appear around noon, or later, the next day? Do you have sensitivities with any products that you've used?

    As for a DE razor, you have a couple of choices: fixed head or adjustable. For many people, a fixed head razor works just fine. For the rest of us, an adjustable is a better choice. A Gillette adjustable was my first razor... back in the day. An adjustable is still the right choice for me. Others obviously have great success with a fixed head razor like the Merkur HD. I found the Long Handle Classic to be an okay choice for me... but again, it was too aggressive for my face. An adjustable razor gives you the option of being an aggressive razor, or a very mild razor. The Merkur Progress... especially the Mer-gress modified version (done with excellence by a fellow B&B'er)... is an excellent choice. It's been called the Honda of razors... very dependable, etc.

    I use a Merkur Vision, which I like very much. Some swear by it, some swear at it. It works great for me. The Merkur Futur is also an excellent adjustable razor. I would hazard a guess to say that of the adjustables, the Futur is probably the number one razor that you'll find here on B&B... unless you are into the vintage Gillette's, which are also extremely popular with a lot of folks around here. Of those, the SuperSpeeds from the 40's and 50's are very sought after. The Fat Boy is another very popular Gillette model.

    So, there you have it. Figure out what you need, and what the best tool for the job is... for you! Have fun with it! :biggrin:

    See you around the board!

  10. Lots of replies - thanks! I've done some more digging about and am looking at the Gilette the silo-doors effect!! Is that shallow!?

    In response to the questions above, I'd say that if I were to skip a days shaving, by 5pm the next evening I certainly have the designer stubble thing going on. In fact I do skip shaving most weekends as I find my skin is very sore at the end of the week from shaving anyway. I currently use a good cream with a brush and the dreaded Mach 3 with a post shave moisturiser. If A DE is likely to reduce that soreness I'd be thrilled.....

    Ta muchly for the advice so far!

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