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  1. Been DE shaving for about 3 months now, and I have 4-5 old blades (I stuff them in the bank on the back of the Shark dispenser/cases). I was piecing back together a remote with some gaffers tape (for the non-theater folk), and was trying to cut a clean line in the tape with a regular box cutter, and it just wasn't cutting clean enough, even with a relatively new blade. The thought occurred to me--those "old" DE blades are still a hell of a lot sharper than any of the knives in my house--why don't I use one of them? I gripped it by the middle, paranoid that I'd slip and bend it into my hand--but it cut through the tape like...well, like a razor through tape, obviously.

    Anyway, I know the blades are a bit too thin to be used in any heavy duty work, but for crafting or other light tasks, they're perfect. Do any of you know of any tool similar to the aforementioned box cutter that would take a DE blade in it? Even though they're a bit too dull to comfortably shave with, they've still got a bit of useful sharp in 'em, and it'd be nice to be able to use them without fear of chopping my fingers off.

    If no one's heard of anything, maybe one of you gents with some CAD experience could design something that could be printed by Shapeways...
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  2. You've only used 5 blades in three months how many shaves you getting off a blade.?
  3. I think what your looking for can be found with a Shavette.
  4. +1. Get a Parker shavette. It'll hold a DE blade snapped in half very securely. That would be your best bet.
  5. Many hardware stores have single edges razor blades with a thick piece of metal on one end making them safe to hold by that edge. I think that is exactly what you are describing.

  6. I typically only shave twice a week; and sometimes it's just my neck that I shave. My lady likes me with a bit of scruff :)

    Oh, man, I didn't even think of that! That's a perfect idea. Wire trimmers would handily cut off one edge from a DE blade, and then I can just pop it in there. And then, should I feel so inclined, I'm only a bit of courage away from learning to straight-razor shave. Thanks, guys!
  7. DE blades easily break in half without use of wire cutters. :)
  8. I break them in half a wrap it in tape. use it that way.
  9. You can easily snap them in half and use them in a cut throat or a straight razor to cut anything from grass to boxes.
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    This is an awesome idea! I was given a shavette for xmas, I tried to shave with it, and it was just horrible. :( Compared to a standard straight razor, at least... Now, I have a use for it, and for those used blades that are piling up in old blade banks. Excellent!

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