Time to Vent: Omega Watch Service Costs

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  1. I have an Omega Seamaster I got when I finished undergrad (2004). It is an Aqua Terra with a co-axial escapement, and I think it cost $2,700. I want to send it in for service, but no professional watch repairmen will work on them, so it needs to go to Omega directly.

    The starting price for an Omega cleaning/service is...

    drumroll please...


    What a rip, in my opinion at least.
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    Yeah, im not looking forward to having my Seamaster serviced when it comes time for that very reason.
  3. That's about right... it is a 6 year old watch and it needs a little TLC too. I have a couple 30-40 year old Seamasters that are wonderful. Go to Watchuseek forum and look around, the good people there may know of a good repairman in your area.
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  6. And here is my Omega story -- I have my father's old seamaster. Decided it would be nice to get it fixed up and wear it around a little. I got another couple of nice watches but it was his, so I thought it would be cool.
    Long story short -- my dad let somebody work on it at some point that pretty much ruined it. Needed a complete overhaul, new hands, refaced dial, pretty much everything. Was gonna be $1000 to fix. It made no sense to me to drop $1000 on a watch worth maybe $800 on a good day.

    Like my friend says, "Swiss watches are just jewelry that breaks". I love them, but they are persnickity. Hence, I wear cheap Wengers everyday and don't think twice if they break.
  7. Just to be clear; there are a ton of good watchmakers/repairmen around...but the co-axial escapement requires special tools and skills...since this is a fairly new movement, many watchmakers do not have the knowledge base to service them.

    I have spoken with about 7 repairmen across the counrtry, and all of them sent me to Omega.
  8. Ouch! I think I will be avoiding Co-axils until the independents get better at servicing them.
  9. 495 seems too high. I had a vintage constellation automatic serviced last year At an omega dealer here in the bay area, that needed the works, including a new spring and crystal, and it was only 300 dollars. Perhaps the coaxial part of your servicing was what increased the cost.
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  10. There is nothing wrong with that price. For a Swiss watch, that is a bargain, especially when compared to other Swiss watchmakers.
  11. wow that is a ripoff :blink:
  12. I just looked at Manuel's website -- he does "specialize" in Omega Co-axial movements. Might be worth shooting him an email, he has never been anything other than prompt and pleasant in my dealings with him.
  13. Agreed!!
  14. I disagree, you can easily find excellent watch repairmen who can service a Rolex movement for below $300.

    Perhaps you have had different experiences you would like to share?
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    I disagree. I had my Rolex serviced by Rolex for $800 a few years ago. My watchmaker who was trained by Rolex will do it for $200 including pressure testing.

    Watches with multiple complications such as Vacheron, Audemars Piguet, etc., warrants such a high price.
  16. espicaly as watchmaking is a trade that requires a highly specialized skill set and tools.
  17. The amount of money is a lot, but reasonable when compared to what other companies are charging. I am just saying that when put in perspective, Omega is charging less than other Swiss watchmakers are.

    True, but Patek's costs start at $550 for a quartz movement and $700 for a mechanical. Of course, as you stated, their complicated watches are a lot more.
  18. Just spoke to Manuel, he quoted $495 too...is this price set by Omega or something?

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