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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by nff, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. nff


    i got a new espresso machine for xmas and i finaly was able to do my first rosetta. i'v been trying for a long time so i was quite ecstatic when i finally did it lol and heres proof [​IMG]
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  2. Not bad...I'm waiting on the Silvia steam wand to mod my Gaggia classic, because the Gaggia steam wand is no good.
  3. Congratulations!

    Nathan, my first rosetta was poured on a Gaggia Coffee. The panarello attachment is your enemy.
  4. Nice work! It took a lot of practice for me to get good at rosettas.
  5. nff


    this is my machine (delonghi ec330s)

    its a lot better than my old machine. i can actualy make a full espresso pull on one heat cycle. now i just need to get a better grinder... what comes out of mine is more like filter grind on the finest setting. (good ol black & decker burr grinder *eyeroll*) i may just go back to the blade grinder after i do the initial grind in the bur to make it a bit finer

    how about some pics of your work? shall i rename the thread "late art" soon?
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  6. Yup have to agree on that Damn wand. If you can, put a silvia wand on it but I'm not sure if it will fit your machine. It does fit the gaggia classic. Here is a recent one with the Silvia wand. $IMAG0169.jpg
  7. nff


    how do you get such dark crema? i cant seem to get any where near that dark. iv been playing with the grind and nothing i do can get it darker all i end up doing is either grinding fine and tamping to hard. i want to make a tamper soon the one on the machine is annoying.
  8. I too got an espresso machine for Christmas and have just been looking at guides on coffee art... First attempt? Utter failure :laugh: I've not quite got the milk consistency right yet, time for another coffee I think!
  9. Darker is not better. Crema color is owed to bean color, which is due to a combination of varietal, terroir, roast type, and roast depth. A better question is, "how does it taste?"

    That having been said, flash cameras tend to really increase the contrast beyond actual appearance. If you MUST have darker crema (that I promise won't taste better), you can "bruise" the shot by using water that's "too hot" for the coffee. It'll darken the crema for sure.
  10. Does it make the coffee taste any different? :001_tt2:
  11. nff


    when your able to do that it means your espresso was pulled correctly and your milk was frothed properly and your pouring tecnique was good too. its kinda like the "proper way to pour a guinness"
  12. Jim

    Jim Moderator

    HA....... Milk in the coffee, tragic.
  13. nff


    only in the morning. after that its espresso only
  14. jwhite

    jwhite Moderator Emeritus

    Pretty food tastes better, thought you knew:001_tt2:
  15. Any tips on getting the milk right? I too have a delonghi and I just can't seem to get it right, I've a feeling I'm using too small-a-jug for it
  16. nff


    what machine? whats your steam wand look like
  17. I don't know.. I've poured some pretty killer rosettas while training clients with some pretty bad espresso (years before I started roasting). I've poured some excellent patterns into an "espresso" with no crema (more properly called expresso, in my world).

    I've also poured some art with milk that I wouldn't even drink, let alone serve.

    It's good for ego-stroking, and it's a great symbol of care and attention to the craft. So, while excellent products and latte art often come together, they are not mutually inclusive.
  18. nff


    thats quite amazing really.(the expresso art that is) well i dident say anything about product quality. just physical technique. if its physically possible to get "proper" results out of tripe ingredients just means your really good at what you do. so when presented with proper quality ingredients your technique is good enough to do them justice.
  19. I've got the eco310, it looks pretty much identical to the ec330 wand, I actually managed to get the milk perfect without even trying this morning... Now to see if I can replicate it!
  20. nff


    if its the same wand basically put your wand so your milk is near that band on the wand (raised plastic ring just bellow the air hole. and just hold it here try and get the milk to swirl. if your milks really cold you should have micro foam almost every time

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