Talisker 10yo

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  1. Just gotta say what a delicious scotch this is. Of course there are different flavours from different parts of the country, and although I like strongly-flavoured beers, teas, scotches, and just about everything else, I think Talisker would have fairly broad appeal. I hope this post encourages someone who hasn't tried it before to do so.

  2. I sampled this over the weekend. It's very good indeed for a 10yo, but I find it a tad too sweet. I wouldn't recommend it for a beginner (for a beginner I'd suggest Macallan 10yo or Dalwhinnie 15yo which are milder in taste).
  3. TimmyBoston

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    I've been a fan of Talisker for years. The 10 rocks, the 18 is sublime.
  4. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    My sentiments exactly!

  5. Maybe the 18 will be my next purchase then.
  6. Talisker is a very nice pour. It was my first experience with a single malt and it nearly turned my face inside out, but I have since grown to enjoy it.
  7. The Knize

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    Talisker 10 yo has been my go to Scotch for a couple of decades. I do not think I have had the opportunity to try the older expressions.

    To me it has lots of character without having as much as, say, most Islays. Seems quite smooth, too, for only 10 years in the cask.

    I pretty much like all types of Scotch, though.
  8. Some of the best stuff out there.
  9. It's on my list to try. I've got to be mindful of SWMBO and adding to the shelf...

    I've gotten more sneaky and a few more are up there w/o her noticing, so maybe Talisker is next!

    I find i like aromatic/floral/ (sherry and port finish especially). Favorites currently are Oban, and Doublewood, for moderate priced singles. This in line w/ those or more smoke/peat?

  10. I'm a big fan of peated whiskeys. I've been told that this whiskey, although produced from the Isle of Mann, is as peatier as anything from Islay. If this is true, it's on my list. Can anyone confirm this?
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    Talisker isn't nearly as peaty as the Ardbeg's, Laphroaig's, Lagavulin's and Caol Ila's... as a matter of fact, it's one I didn't really care for much when I tried it for my first and only time.

    After reading this thread, I'm excited to give it another go.
  12. The first time I tried it I thought it had a little of the Speyside and Islay malts. Plenty to enjoy with each sip.
  13. I'm a fan but not an expert, and I say it's in line with peaty whiskies like Laphroaig, Ardbeg. Certainly not as peaty, but in line.

  14. Talisker is produced on the Isle of Skye, one of the Hebridean islands in Scotland. Therefore it is a true scotch Whisky. It is nowhere near as peaty as the big Islay malts. I find Talisker a very distinctive dram, smokey, peppery with hints of peat. Although more similar to Islay whisky than Speyside or highland scotch it really has a flavor profile all of its own. A truly unique and classic malt in my experience and one any enthusiast should try at least once.

  15. I'm told it's tough to find the Talisker 18 these days because it's used in the production of JW Red. Since it has a more limited market than the latter they see it as more valuable for that use and haven't been letting it sit around long enough to get to that point. It's a shame, really, because the 10 Year is delicious.

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