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  1. Best synthetic brush for under 50 bucks? Wanted for travel when proper drying won't be possible with badger or boar.
  2. Frank Shaving synthetic custom. $25 delivered. Great brushes and will dry within 2-3 hours. Good luck.
  3. I would recommend the Shea Moisture brush available at Target. It is serviceable although not glamorous, and is only $9 so if you lose it you're not out much.
  4. It seems the only synthetics people have high regard for are from Muhle and Frank shaving.
  5. personally I've had good results with the Body Shop brush, it's a little scritchy but lathers like a champ and it's only $13 in Canada. Dries quickly.

    I don't travel that much, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to tie up a lot of $$$ in something that won't get used much.
  6. connaught has it but he isn't accepting orders until the 4th.
  7. The Muehle 39k 252 is my choice at the moment.
  8. I have the Muhle synthetic travel brush. Link. The brush fits nicely into the handle which is open on one end for drying. Very nice design.

    31 M 536
    travel shaving brush, Silvertip FibreĀ®
    anodized aluminium 21 mm M
  9. Or maybe the custom frank
  10. If that is what you are looking at....

    This is where you will need to be looking for it :001_smile
  11. +1. It was nine dollars and I use it when I travel. It's small, works well, and dries very quickly.

  12. +1 Just got this for Christmas and have used it twice. No way I'd suspect it wasn't real badger if you didn't tell me EXCEPT that it dries so quickly. Great design. Perfect travel brush. It's replacing my wide Omega Mighty Midget (which takes TOO long to dry.)

    Here's where mine was purchased.
  13. StuMcB

    StuMcB Contributor

    +1 here. My FS is a brilliant brush
  14. Muhle silvertip fibers, Omega Artificial badger or FS synthetic.
    Of these, Muhle is my favorite. Omega is OK, and FS a bit more plasticcy in look and feel.

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