Super Bowl Thread + Who Will Win? Poll

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Who will win Super Bowl XLVI?

  1. New England Patriots

  2. New York Giants

  3. Blah, blah, blah. Architecture is King!

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  1. The poll is for who you think will win, not who you're rooting for.

    Later, I will post links to interesting stories.
  2. rockviper

    rockviper Moderator Contributor

    Giants all the way!
  3. Unfortunately not my Bengals, I would give the slight edge to the Giants. They seem to be in the Patriots head for some reason. Plus Brady's go to tight end is gimpy. With Brady as your quarterback, there's always a chance.
  4. Don't like either team, but think the Giants take it, with a better "D"
  5. I'm a big fan of the Giants, but I think the Pats will win and that it won't be that close of a game.
  6. Patriots
  7. I picked the Giants to win, though I am by no means confident about this.

    It just seems like they are the "team of destiny." They've won five straight must win games against a city rival (Jets), division rival (Cowboys), the Falcons, the 15-1 defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, and the 13-3 49ers; Eli Manning set a record for fourth quarter touchdowns; the defense has finally come together; they beat the Patriots earlier this year; Gronkowski is hurt; and it's Little Manning playing in Big Manning's city. The Patriots have won ten straight, but they didn't have a very difficult schedule; Gronkowski is hurt; the secondary is pretty lousy (although, they are better with Chung back); and I just feel like, right now, the Giants are the better team.

    Still... I think either the Giants win a nail biter, or the Patriots win in a blow out.
  8. ackvil

    ackvil Moderator Contributor

    Just a feeling that the Giants will do it and that Eli will have the best game of his career.
  9. This is a big revenge game for the Patriots and I believe they win easily.
  10. The Giants are just the hotter team right now. They beat the Packers and the 49ers. Patriots arn't better than those 2 teams.
  11. +1
  12. I picked the Pats, though I will be rooting NY. Only two QB's have 4 rings- Montana and my beloved Terry Brashshaw. I don't want Brady in that club. He is a hell of a QB, there is just something I don't like about him.
  13. +1 the patriots want blood on this game. Patriots will win. I think blowout.
  14. I don't know about motivation...sure the Pats want revenge, but you don't think the Giants won't be just as motivated? It's the freakin' Super Bowl! :)

    I don't have a dog in the hunt, but I'd rather see the Giants win. That said, I think the Patriots, with Belichick and Brady, will get it done. As good as Eli is, he seems more mistake-prone, and turnovers usually make the diff in games like this.

    Although as was pointed out, Brady not having his big TE could swing it back towards the Giants.

    Well, that's why they play the game :)
  15. SmoovD

    SmoovD Contributor

    Another vote for the Giants. Long time fan but I could see this game going either way. I think it could be another game won in the final minutes.
  16. I think the game will either be close, or a handy Giants win. Don't see the Pats blowing out the Giants.

    This game can't come soon enough.
  17. I am enjoying reading the posts by Giants' fans about how the Patriots will win; and the posts by Patriots' fans saying the Giants will win.
  18. I think the Pats learned from the last Super Bowl and will have a better protection scheme for Brady. Give #12 the time to throw and bad things are gonna happen. I think the Pats are gonna win.
  19. Didn't even know who was playing til I opened the poll. Doesn't really matter to me, either.
  20. As a die-hard Pats fan, I'm convinced the Giants will win. They have one major advantage: their WRs against our DBs. And that will rear its head in the 4th quarter. Our major advantage, namely GRONK!, is hobbled. So I had to vote for the Giants to win.

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