Silvertips don't just look good...

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  1. Hi All,

    After several months of shaving with a medium grade "Summer Coat" badger brush, which works very well, I decided to try a silvertip to see what all the huh-bub was about.
    It arrived yesterday and I have to admit when I felt it right out of the box I was thinking " this doesn't feel all that different". Of course at that time it had yet to see water or soap.

    When I first soaked it, it bloomed like a chia pet! After whipping up some lather and applying it to my face, my first response was "OMG!" What a wonderful feeling. Not to mention it makes great lather. This must feel like applying lather with a silk paint brush, or something like that! :wink:

    Long story short....The silvertip is a true pampering luxury!!! It feels absolutely wonderful!! Not to mention the ease in which it makes rich lather.

    Don't get me wrong. My economical brush does a fine job, and for the newbies ( and veterans alike) you will get great shave after shave with any brush.

    I just happen to find a great deal on this and thought I would give it a go....I am very glad i did!!!

    Any questions, just ask. I am more then happy to answer them all.

    Kind Regards,
  2. Congrats on the purchase, do you have any pictures?
  3. Is the one you purchased the Shavemac 441 as noted in your sig?
  4. I was switching around between three different brushes with different grades of hair. Then I got a Kent BK4. The others haven't seen much use since.
  5. Correct. It is truly a beautiful brush. I highly recommend it!!

  6. Hi all. A couple of you asked to see pics of the silvertip brush, so here they are.

  7. Oh wow; that is a beautiful brush. It looks so much fuller and nicer than mine. The chrome is a nice touch.

    What's a good deal for one? If you don't mind me asking.
  8. That is beautiful, mine is the same only with an ivory handle. Very very nice
  9. Very nice. Shavemacs will certainly rock your world!

  10. +1 to the above post about the BK4. Stopped SBAD dead in its tracks for me once I got used to it for soaps.

  11. I agree that the BK4 is a great brush - except for cheap plastic handle. The quality of the Shavemac handles is streets ahead. Whole neighborhoods even.



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