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    To make a long story short, I now own this silver Tiffany ring. Will I look dumb wearing this?

    I am 22. I tend to dress more conservatively and more formally than most people my age.

    I feel comfortable wearing the ring. I am just worried it might give a bad first impression.

    Any thoughts?
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  2. Legion

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    I think it is fine, but I would wear it on your right hand or people might think it is a wedding band. Up to you though.
  3. As long as it's not in your nose, go for it!
  4. maxman

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    I don't see a problem with it.
    wear it with confidence and it will look fine.
  5. Doc4

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    Yeah, that was my thought, too.

    Other than that, if you like it, wear it. It's not crocs, after all. (Personally, I'm not big on men's jewellery, but am not silly enough to think that my view on the subject is terribly important.)
  6. Haha!

    Good point! Thanks everyone.
  7. I believe that most accessories are really just that, accessories. They provide a sense of style and that little extra something. I would agree with some people assuming you're married by wearing it on the left hand (not an issue unless you're flirting with someone). I think it looks clean and conservative as it's SS, no fancy patterns, gemstones or decoder capabilities. Not a ring person myself, but would agree that it looks good on a guy.

    - J
  8. Unless you want to test the (false) theory that the wedding band is a chick magnet, don't wear it in your left hand.

    I personally am not a fan of most men's jewelry, but that's just me.

    Also, aren't you the guy who is worried how your clothes and briefcase strap would look in your hyper-conservative workplace? If so, you might want to look around and see if you think it would be appropriate to wear at work before you do.
  9. I'm not sure about France, but in many European countries the wedding band is worn on the right hand (like Spain, Portugal, and most Eastern European countries). Perhaps the left hand is the best place to keep it.
  10. Some reputation I have around here! Just kidding. Good point.
  11. engineering bands are smaller and worn on the pinky of the working hand. So it can be either right or left depending on the person
  12. I don't think it's a problem...go for it.
  13. I wasn't making fun of you. it sounds like appearances are very important and somewhat narrowly constrained at your office, so I just wanted to raise the issue.

    Interesting. You never know what you'll learn on the shaving website.
  14. Nothing wrong with a simple silver band.

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