Shaving with bar soap? What about MWF bar soap?

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by ganu76, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Anyone every use the bar soap version of MWF to shave with? I'm just curious of what the differences would be.

  2. You COULD shave with nothing but cold water, but why would you?
    Any soap is better than no soap, but shave soaps are designed with specific traits (latherability, slickness, cushion, etc) that make the shave process more comfortable. Bar soaps are designed to remove dirt and oil from skin, so they're less than optimal to shave with except in a pinch.
  3. Thanks guy. I *thought* that I'd heard of someone here on B&B using bar soap but I could be wrong. Plus, I don't remember any details. Regardless, I still eanted to see what others had to say about this idea.

    Sounds like a no-go... & I'm ok with that. I like to be educated on something "somewhat" before I try it.
  4. Very well said.
  5. The Nid Hog

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    It's a discussion that comes up every now and again, usually when someone finds a bar of soap with an interesting fragrance or something like that. A year or so ago, I seem to remember that there was a thread about shaving with Irish Spring soap. It sounded unwise to me for all the reasons that Chris gave, but I thought that I'd give it a try once so I lathered up with a bar of Irish Spring. The resulting lather smelled fabulous and gave me one of the worst shaves that I've ever had. Don't waste your time when there are so many good soaps to be had.
  6. Ganu76
    I buy the Mitchell's bar soap sometimes too, I never tried shaving with it ( at least yet ) They also make a cute sheep soapdish that makes a nice gift.
  7. When I start shaving with a straight I have the same idea ( soap bar like shaving soap ) but dont work for me , I have a bad lather , hard shave and dry skin . Out there are a lot of shaving soap we have to try .
  8. I've used bar soaps to shave before now - in beardy phases when I've been shaving once every month or two with an open comb. And if you choose a soft creamy one, like Dove, it can work reasonably well.

    But it's nowhere near as good as a proper shaving soap designed for the job - as a wise man here said so very recently, "why would you?"
  9. I've never had success when trying to use any type of bar soap for shaving. I tried Woody's big meat and potatoes bar which is really slick, but alas fizzled for shaving. Even products designed for both face washing and shaving don't really add up. I recently tried some new Jack Black soap/shave soap and found this quite lacking as well (although it smelled good). Usually they just don't have any cushion at all and the lather is really airy and thin.
  10. Could think outside the box, but why would you.:001_rolle, MWF bar soap is strictly for washing your brain AND THAT'S IT!:001_tt2: This is not directed at chris in any way.
  11. What if we turn this around? Does anyone wash with shave soap?
  12. It is not uncommon, around here, to take an underperforming shaving soap and using it as a bath soap. For example, you buy a soap from an artisan soap maker that is listed as a shaving soap. Well you find out it sucks for shaving but you like the scent so instead of throwing it away, just shower with it so you don't feel you wasted your money. :wink2:
  13. OTOH, we did a blind challenge with Neutrogena here a couple months ago, and lots of guys gave it high marks.
  14. Considering how hard it is to produce good lather from MWF's shaving soap, I certainly wouldn't want to try the bath soap for shaving.
  15. My thread "turning a soap into a cream" is still on here, not too historical. I get good results using this method. Also L'Occitaine bar soaps are very nice to shave with. It's really not necessary if you have access to a dedicated product, but I did experiment a little in this area as I wanted to totally strip down my bathroom to one straight, one soap and some toothpaste. Kind of worked. Moulton Brown do a "body/hair/shave" bar which is supposed to do everything, but I've never tried it.

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