Shave Stick (Arko) 1st Time

Discussion in 'Shaving Soaps' started by David in Boston, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Tried a shave stick (Arko) today for the first time.

    Liked it allot.

    I didn't realize how convenient using a stick is over a lathering bowl.

    As for Arko, the soap is quite good and favorable with VDH.

    Next step is using an empty deodorant stick and making a VDH shave stick.
  2. Shaving sticks are the bomb diggity! Less mess, no fuss!

    Next try Speick and La Toja. Along with Arko, these three are my shaving stick trifecta!
  3. Love the Arko stick. I got quite a few several years ago and have slowly been PIFing them as I go, a small portion of my next tax refund check will go to restocking my Arko supply, I only have 3 left!:lol:
  4. I really like shave sticks, prefer them over soap and cream. ARKO is my all-time favourite, tho I am beginning to like Irisch Moos aswell.
  5. The idea of having another soap with the quality of Tabac makes me want to try the Moos so much. Then I pass the Irish Spring (what most guys say it smells like) in the store, take a sniff and say "No way!":scared: I'll stick to my "urinal cake" scented Arko:lol:
  6. Arko is a great soap. I'm down to two in reserve.:crying:
  7. I have now made two Arko travel sticks by putting the soap into empty Mennon deodorant holders. I microwave the Arco about 10 seconds which is just enough to warm and soften it. Then I slice off wedges and push them by hand into the Mennon container being careful to keep the screw rod in the center. A large container will take one full Arko tube. A smaller container will only take about 75% of a tube. But this gives you a solid container for the Arko with a screw knob on the bottom to advance the soap as you use it. I have been very pleased with the result and recommend it.
  8. Agreed, although I like to mix it up and use pucks sometimes, too,

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