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  1. This post will look extremely familiar to those of you who frequent FPN, however for those of you who don't I figured some more opinions will not hurt:

    Recently I changed my notebooks from a single 5 subject to several Law-Ruled pads. The trouble I am finding is, that since I use a backpack, the pages are getting munged up. As such I am looking for another way to perhaps carry my stuff.

    I in general carry several things around with me; A chem book, 5 or so pads, a calculator, a couple binders (I generally carry them in hand however,) a passbook(hall.) I essentially carry my locker!

    I was wondering if perhaps there would be another practical method to carrying this stuff around as opposed to a backpack.

    My general attire is a hooded sweatshirt and dungarees.. so nothing quite fancy.

    My question however, would a Satchel work or what?

  2. If you carry a tough of stuff, a satchel or any sort of single-strapped bag may not be the best idea - I don't know how far you go when you walk but it'll get painful pretty quickly.

    I carry a backpack by Timbuk2 on some days - I can recommend them for quality but don't know anything about their capacity. Maybe check them out:

    Also, this probably sounds a little stupid, but have you considered putting them in the backpack upside down? Or, if not, using legal pads with a hard cover?
  3. Sounds like you need one of these:


    But, since that may be frowned upon by your school, I'm thinking a decent sized messenger bag would serve you better than a backpack. There are many that are larger than a satchel and look great as well.

  4. LMAO Cam, yes, for some reason I have a hunch that my teachers would not approve!

    Mask: It depends what you mean by a tonne of stuff. I carry one chem book, 4 notepads, a planer(assignment, not something you feed a board into!) as well as on occasion a novel, in my actual bag.
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  5. Filson 257 or 258. Look around for coupons and deals.
  6. I love my messenger bags, and while not a student, I carry my laptop and various paperwork and notbooks in it on my Vespa. I like that it seems to have more then a backpack, and it fits me a lot better.

  7. Vespa! Theres something you don't see in the States. But yes, it does seem that backpacks have a tonne of space that is not viable to use. I have like 10 pockets that are simply a PITA.

    I did mention that I am a student right! Can I borrow a few of your gold bars?
  8. I would second the idea of legal pad holders. The regular holders don't add too much more volume to the pad they are holding and very little weight. I use a zippered nylon legal pad holder which is a bit bigger but has various pockets for loose papers, business cards,etc. and the zipper keeps any of those from going missing.

    Alternatively, perhaps you could store the legal pads in pairs with with the cardboard backings to the outside and the top of the each pad at the foot of the other and put a thick artist's rubber band around all of them to keep them all tight together. That way all of the corners of each pad would have a stiff piece of cardboard protecting them front and back.

    If you are going to use a messenger bag, I have found that keeping the strap long so you can put it across your body bandolier style makes it less painful than having it hanging over just one shoulder. Depending on how long you are carrying things this way I would not put more than 10-15 pounds in it but seems like what you have shouldn't be more than that. Say 5-10 pounds for the chem book and maybe 2 pounds for all the rest you have mentioned.

  9. I also have a Lambretta that I am fixing up. You mentioned FPN, so I am assuming you are a fountain pen aficionado as well? I think you should be able to find a decent messenger bag for a decent price.

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    Look for Crumpler brand messenger bags. They are not the cheapest, but the quality is great.

    They are the brand actual cycle messengers use.

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  12. Gunney, are you in the States? I have a good friend that has handmade messenger bags that are very nice, they are also a little pricey, but here is his link:

    Nathan is a great guy, and I have seen and handled the bags, and they are tight.

  13. Hopefully this will answer somethings:

    Yes I am in the states.

    I do love fountain pens.

    Perhaps I will look into such holders.

    I do not cycle so that is not an issue, however I will look into it.

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    You don't need to cycle, but the guys that do wear them all day every day, and open an close them about a hundred times a day. So they have to be comfy to wear, and very well made. Cycle couriers don't make huge money, so they have to last for a long time.
  15. Chrome messenger bags also hold up very well. Mine is 12 years old and running strong.

    I use legal pads in class as well and use an old assault pack in black for my backpack.

    Legal pad covers help keep the papers from getting all jacked up.
  16. I use an older version of this messenger bag from REI:

    It's great in rotation with an OGIO backpack for when I really need to haul a ton of books. Fits a laptop nicely, or just a massive science course textbook plus notebooks and then some. The pen loops can handle a Lamy Safari easily, even a Bexley Corona, side pouch for a cell phone, other side holds a massive water bottle, good overall organization and storage in a comfortable package and the price is not as rude as some brands. If you've an REI near you, you may be able to snag a closeout on an older model in perhaps a different color scheme.
  17. I'd suggest a Tom Bihn briefcase else a Filson or Saddleback.

    The problem with messenger style bags is that they don't hold their shape when half filled with books--I guess it's the result of being designed to carry lots of differently sized items. I'd go with a case designed specifically to hold papers and perhaps a laptop--after all, a laptop is nothing more than a big book.

    I have a Manhattan Portage bag for carrying math books and pads and I just hate it.
  18. Gunney, make sure to come back to the thread and let everyone know which bag you decided to go with.

  19. Maybe it's boring, but why not put the notebook in a binder from an office supply store?
  20. Get a Filson 257 or 258 in brown. Will last you through school and even many years in the workforce. Built like a tank and is stylish/professional.

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