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  1. Can anyone recommend a good vendor to replate a razor given to me by a relative? I will never sell it and am wanting it to come back.

    Also, between nickel, chrome, and silver, what would be the best metal for replate.
  2. Rhodium. I would suggest that if you can get it done.
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    There was a thread I started a month or so ago asking the same; can't figure out copy and past on my phone, but if you check my profile and threads started you'll find one titled "Replating recommendations needed". A lot of good suggestions there.

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  6. During my research on cleaning my razor I came across razoremporium too. Not sure of their work or anything since I never used them but they have pictures and explain each type of plating and what razors can be plated. might be useful just for the info. They seem to prefer rhodium.
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  7. Someone posted a video here recently of Razor Emporium's workshop. I guess I figured it would be a nice, orderly shop, but it seems to be a couple of college kids in a wreck of a basement. I laughed when the guy shows their organizing system. Plus, they don't replate their own stuff, but send it off. The pics on the website are nice, so they must have a good plater, but I've never had firsthand experience with them.
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    Dave at reliable electroplating has done a lot of nice work for me. I have used razoremporum as well.
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    I have first hand experience with them.

    They attempt to pass along the minimum amount of work for the highest premium charge.

    I have purchased two razors they have put through their Revamp service. One is very nice. The other is sloppy and lacks any attention to detail. Brass is apparent in tight spots and the razor obviously had some mechanical issues either ignored or overlooked. They may even have just ignored them.

    Some of their available items are obscenely priced. I am truly hesitant of sending any of my personal gear to them for a revamp. The services are quite expensive, and judging by what they send out as already 'replated' I'm resolved to explore other options.

    The guys at Razor Emporium are cordial and eager to please their customers. I just believe they are trying to set the market at highly inflated premiums. The attention to detail leaves much to be desired. I picture their process as something akin to a hobby. In my opinion they go with the least amount of restoration possible to attain a superficial appearance of actual restoration. They have potential with what they are offering and should be capable of fulfilling the quality they represent and claim to obtain.

    I was particularly surprised that they ship razors out in a partial cardboard box tossed into a bubble mailer. The lack of attention to detail and quality at the point of most vulnerability during transit is disheartening. They sell premium goods that deserve to be shipped in slightly more adequate and robust packing materials.

    I have been thrilled with one item I bought from them. I have been seriously disappointed by another. Nothing I would sell or pass on as it only lacks the subtle nuances of details overlooked and poor finish up.

    I don't know if they presume most of their customers don't know any better and have unclear expectations or if they genuinely believe their mediocre work is actually at a much greater level of quality than it actually is.

    That being said, I would purchase from them again if I came across an item I desired at a price commensurate with what I feel is appropriate. I would not send any of my personal razors for service or replating primarily due to the costs and prior experience with seeing the final products that have gone through their revamp process.

    Overpriced and under expectations.

    There are many reputable options to have replating done without taking the chance of paying a premium for substandard results.

    Most people, by nature, prefer not to discuss less than ideal transactions. Whether they would not like to be perceived as suckers, or as naysayers bad mouthing a company.

    Myself, I can offer my actual impressions and feelings as I experienced them to let you add them to your decision making process. I may have had a bad batch or a poor QC lapse. Their work might possibly be top notch and my one item that I was disappointed in could just have been an abnormality. In any case, once burned, twice shy. There are enough well respected individuals offering the same services that I can choose not to employ Razor Emporium for any of my future needs.

    Make your own choice though. I got one shotty razor. I also got one in fabulous shape and finish.

    I try not to shake pom poms even though I love working and dealing with several vendors in the wetshaving community. So I subdue my passions to proselytize against suppliers or brands I do not care for.
    YMMV indeed.

    I do believe Razor Emporium could experience much more volume and total margin achievement if they lowered their prices and increased their attention to detail. 10 razors sold at 10% profit would surely provide better cash flow than 3 razors sold at 100% profit. Just my opinion
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    they are a banned vendor in badger and blade...not good experience from past members
  11. Personally, having a couple of pieces done by them, I'd recommend Reliable Electroplating in Massachusetts. 508-222-0620 is the number and the guy to talk to about razor replating is Dale. Don't bother emailing them from their web site as they never answer emails for some reason but here is their web site so you'll have the address to mail razors to should you decide to use them: http://www.reliableelectroplating.com/contact.html

    Pricing is decent. I had an open-comb Gillette Aristocrat from the 1930s stripped, cleaned, re-plated in rhodium (they actually re-plate it in nickel, then plate the nickel in rhodium) and polished. Total cost including shipping the razor to them (I used USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Small box which was $5.00) and return shipping (they use UPS and charge $10) was $60 - $45 for the rhodium re-plate job and $15 in round-trip postage.
  12. Thanks for all the advice guys. I will comb through it all and get some quotes.
  13. The inherit problem I see with re-plating is that, if the razor needs a re-plate, then it has obviously seen plenty of use and will have lots of scratches and/or dings in the soft brass base metal. A proper re-plate will require some serious buffing to remove the defects, which thins out the metal, and some scratches/dings may be too deep to fully remove and they will show through the plating. A re-plate will only ever be as nice looking as the prep work done on the piece beforehand, and there are going to be limits as to how much razor can be ground away to eliminate the imperfections.
  14. The razor isn't really in bad shape, it just has a lot of plate loss. I think it will come out quite nice with a re-plate. It's an heirloom I will never get rid of so I'd like to restore it to it's former glory.
  15. Most razors can be 'caught' before they get really badly pitted.

    This one was horrible looking but came up well after a little buffing and a nickel replate:


    Best wishes


  16. Find out where your local custom bike shops get their parts done.
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    That's all I need to see about that.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Not to sound like a tool, because I'm not very old, but I have razors- and underwear older than that kid on the buffing wheel. :scared:
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    I've not had any experience with these guys, but their business model is not condusive to good pricing, as they are simply middlemen insofar as the plating is concerned. I also share your view that these guys are amateurs (its the skill level that I'm seeing, as opposed to the age). My sense from their pricing is that they pay a third party to replate and mark up the replate price and add some more mark up for the time they spend prepping and handling the razor. This seems to be the difference between the $75 they charge for a rhodium replate vs the $45 mentioned above from a different replater.

    I'd have a hard time spending even $45 (which doesn't include shipping) to replate all but the most expensive/rare razors. I think its a bit silly to spend that much on a replate job when you can usually find very good to excellent examples of many razors for less than the cost of having a replate job done (which doesn't include the actual cost of buying the razor in the first place). I've seen guys selling replated NEW and SE razors for $50 to $60 - when you could buy examples in excellent condition here on on e-bay for a fraction of that price. The only exception to this is the stuff Cooncatbob (Bob's Razor Works) puts out - he charges $50 to $60, but that gets you a replated head and a custom handle that he will fabricate to your specifications, so there's some additional value/work/skill in his prices. Come to think of it, I might reach out to Cooncatbob and see if he can arrange plating for you - his products (including the replated heads) are very highly regarded, so he's using a very good replater.

    My $0.02.
  19. The dude filming looks familar, looks almost like Sean Penn in Fast Times At Ridgemount High :lol:

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