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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew of any organic after shave? The wife and I have been getting into going completely organic lately and it would be nice to have an organic after shave.
  2. Ok. Anyone know of any all natural after shaves. I need something and want to try and not have all kinds of chemicals on my newly shaved skin.
  3. Witch hazel is very good for an AS and it isn't loaded w/ chemicals. I like the thayer's line (particularly the original and skin reacts badly to the lavender). My wife claims that even these have too many chemicals...but she offers no alternatives other than not using aftershave which is not really an alternative.

    Lucky Tiger makes an organic aftershave that folks rave about...I haven't gotten to try it yet personally, but again, I've heard nothing but great things about it. Make sure it is this one (as there are other ones out there that I don't think are the same thing). You can get this one from Nordstroms (though I have checked 2 stores and they don't have it in store...might have to be ordered). Can you tell I really want to try this stuff?
  4. Thanks. I was hoping there was something out there.I have organic soap but could not find organic after shave.By the way the organic soap was from woodsprite.I am not sure of the exact website. I will have to ask my wife. She bought it.
  5. Weleda makes an all organic ASB and AS. Decent products. The ASB is reviewed in, well eeeh... the review section. :001_smile

    'All natural' = a.o. Speick AS. reviewed as well.
  6. Sounds good. You know nowadays we are exposed to too many chemicals as it is. Who knows what half of this stuff can do to you. That is one reason why I am going back to the old ways. Shaving, etc.. Look at what is happening to the world nowadays. Global warming, etc.. all in the name of progress.I think our forefathers had it right to begin with. All natural products. None of these laboratory created chemicals and such. We are only hurting ourselves. You know.
    Weleda AS splash and AS balm are testified organic.
    Speick is natural, not exactly testified organic, but OK. Nice. I use it.
    Lavera AS splash and balm are testified organic.
    Olivia After shave cream is excellent. I use it. Organic handmade. Their shaving soaps have been reviewed here (see Reviews)

    Trevarno Organic Men's Facial Moisturiser (AS cream). Testified. Nice product. I use it.
  8. Not sure if it's organic but it's all-natural - Mama Bear's Summer a/s.
    Pretty much just hydrosols, witch hazel, aloe, glycerin and EO's.
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    The Lucky Tiger is top notch
  10. Aubrey Organics is another one to try. I use the North Woods splash, myself.
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    Jason Skin and Beard Therapy. It's cheap and it's good.
  12. Their is a company called Arbonne, they make alot of organic stuff. They sent me a sample of alot of their stuff and I will say it is top knotch. I didn't care too much for their shaving gel, and didn't get a sample of their aftershave balm, but I imagine it is worth trying. The shaving cream is a brushless type and I didn't find it to be protective enough. It is pretty slick though. I do like their shampoo and conditioner, I cannot access their website from over here, just do a google search and you will find them.
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  14. Witch hazel, like everything else you will find is 100% chemicals.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by organic. Presumably you could make an aftershave from ingredients (alcohol, essential oils etc) derived from organically grown plants. From a commercial standpoint, I'm not sure if there are any denatured alcohols where the denaturent is from organically grown sources, so that might be a problem. You might find it hard to locate things like organic witch hazel, West Indian Bay etc. What about glycerin? It is derived from fats, and you might find some that is derived from organically grown plants, but would the process of separating the glycerin from the triglycerid be considered organic?
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  16. You are aware that everything is 100% chemicals, right?
  17. along with Aubrey Organics, you can find Bull Dog skincare products at Whole Foods. Bulldog has a balm that appears to be "natural" (i.e., no artificial fragrances, colors, or parabens). It works well, but I don't like the patchouli scent.
  18. After reading some of this I feel much better now because I know that no "natural" stuff can hurt me or kill me.:blink:

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