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  1. I've been using a couple brushes and wanted to try something new. I've got an unknown brand pure badger that I bought from Em's Place. It's got a great handle but the knot isn't everything that I'd like it to be. A little too floppy and the tips are a bit too scratchy for me. I also have a cheap boar that I picked up at the local drugstore for $6. Cheap handle, but there are some things I like about it better than the badger. It's got great backbone and the tips are really soft. Don't like that it sheds a hair or two every shave and the bristles tend to clump. Was debating what to buy to try next and settled on a better boar as the investment was minimal (until I added a bunch of soaps and aftershaves into my online shopping cart but that's a story for another day...)

    So my Omega 10065 came yesterday and first shave with it this morning. Very underwhelmed and wondering if I just got a bad brush. There's very little hair in the knot - much less than the cheapy drugstore brush. Because of that, the brush is very floppy. Also lost 5-6 hairs this morning. Anyone with this brush have any feedback for me? Should I try a different Omega, another Boar or just grab my wallet and buy a Rooney?
  2. I have the 10066, which is the white handled version of the same brush. I find it to have adequate hair, and don't remember mine shedding. Mine is the furthest thing from floppy I could imagine. At any rate, they do take a bit of breaking in. Can you post a photo?
  3. I'll post a photo tonight. I understand the breaking in but this wasn't a problem with the tips being too firm/scratchy. The hairs themselves are plenty stiff but there just aren't enough of them to provide any real backbone. Compared to the cheapy drugstore brush it probably has 1/2 the number of hairs in the knot.
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  4. A 10066 user here too and mine maybe lost 5 hairs in total. No floppiness here neither lack of hair so I guess you picked the occasional bad one.
  5. Give it some more time my friend, as the hairs split you will notice more density. My Omega 31064 has aged beautifully over the past month.
  6. Here's a couple of quick picks, left to right my drugstore boar, the Omega 10065 and the no brand pure badger I have. It may be hard to see, but the hair in the center of the knot of the 10065 is very sparse.
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    I have the 100066 (white handle) and find it to be a really good boar for the money. No shedding problems, and the head is sufficiently well packed to give a good lather. Especially good on my puck of Tabac!
  8. I too have a lower end Omega, the 80257, I'm very happy with it - for what it is. It lathers well, it is not luxurious and it is not especially dense compared to the Boreal 976. But I am confident that what you are experiencing is typical when we buy a new accessory which we are not used too. Give it a chance and I think you will begin to appreciate it. P.S. That drug store brush on the left, looks pretty darn dense!
  9. Sounds like this isn't unusual for the 10065 but it's just too floppy for me to use. Tried to lather with a shave stick this morning and just couldn't get the tips to work my face. Had to break out another brush to get enough later to shave.

    Any suggestions for a dense boar? Any of the Omegas have a knot with more stuffing to it?
  10. I'm another face-latherer who likes the 10066, but there's always the 10049. It's much larger than the 10066, both in knot and in loft. The loft is high enough that I find it a challenge to face-lather, but it's in my rotation anyway.

    I also have an 81052, which so far seems very similar to the 10066 in knot diameter and loft. It's good for face-lathering, and seems to hold a little more lather than the 10066. That may come from the sketched bristles: I would expect that process to pre-split the bristles somewhat.
  11. That brush looks pretty good, don't think it is defective or anything. I find mine to be really stiff, and have adequate density as well. I also have the 81052, and find it to be a good brush. I think you just need to break that omega in. Do some practice lathers with it and then let it dry completely in between. After a week you should see a noticeable difference.

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