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  1. Well.. It's often funny how things work.

    I've always hated buying blades for my Mach 3. I hate it. Hate it so much in fact, I try and make blades last as long as I can, but I typically only shave about once a week. That, and I'm sure this will break some sacred shave rules, but this generally lets me last about a month on a blade.

    Ok, so I'm abusing my face. I get it. ;)

    Well this afternoon at work, somehow some co-workers and I all start talking about shaving and safety razors. Next thing I know, I'm browsing eBay, looking at Merkur's and Gillette's.

    On the commute home, one of the guys I ride with asks if I'm going to get one of the new old razors (we're all around 30 years old) and I'm all "I'd like to.. may order one on eBay." When he replies "We aught to hit up that antique store on the way home, I bet we could find a razor there."

    Well, we whip it in and I come out with a well worn Gillette. I have no idea what type of Gillette, but it says Gillette and the lady wanted $8 so I figured, how bad could it be?

    Looks like I picked up the uber rare golden Gillette Regus Patoff. Ok, so maybe its a Gillette Tech, but boy, the Regus Patoff sure sounds official.

    So.. I'm a newbie and I have a safety razor. I guess I need to pick up some blades, some soap and a brush. Looks like Feather blades are pretty popular.

    That's my story, just thought I'd say hello.
  2. give it a good scrub. barber and beauty supplies will also usually have blades but they are cheaper online. I suggest a sampler so you can decide what you like best. get your buddies together for brushes and soap and you shouldnt have a problem hitting the free shipping mark on one of our reputable vendors.

    Welcome and happy shaving!
  3. Welcome to B&B!! I might suggest a sampler pack of blades feathers are the sharpest might not be best for your first shave. You are gonna save so much money!!:thumbup: We need pictures

  4. :confused1
  5. Welcome to B&B.

    You will be amazed how much better wet shaving to your face.

    Enjoy the journey.
  6. I'll have to post up some pics. From what I can tell, I have a 46'-50' ball end Tech.

    Looks like this, just not in as nice of shape. ;)

  7. There are acceptable blades sold by CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart; ordering Astras online will force you to wait several days for them to get to you.

    A Gillette Tech is a very "mild" mid-weight little razor that has no tricks up its figurative sleeves. The most important things to keep in mind is that preparation is the key, and moisture is the path, keep the whiskers wet, the blade clean and wet, make short, smooth cutting strokes, and enjoy what happens when you are done.

    P. S. Please share your new razor's actual appearance with us, via uploaded photos. We can't really be sure you have the same razor as that pretty one until we see the real thing.
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    $e5297d97-7de4-44c0-8d78-33a0aac90773 - Copy.gif Guys tell him................
  9. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.
  10. Welcome Aboard!
  11. A Tech is probably the most recommended razor for beginners. It is very mild and will work decently with nearly any blade, including the walmart Wilkinsons or the ASR blades sold at Walgreens. Gillette still makes blades overseas and the 7 O'Clock blades are popular. Israeli Personnas are good. Derbys are super cheap in quantity and can be had for about 8 cents each. Feathers are sort of unforgiving and they will work for you but are possibly not your best choice for starting out. Anyway, just pick one and don't change brands for the first month. Get your technique nailed, then go online and get a sampler and decide which one really is your blade. Since the Tech is not adjustable, you will definitely find that some blades work better for you than others.

    You will need a brush and soap and mug. I highly recommend a cheap badger rather than a boar. Target sells the Shea Mosture deluxe brush which is an excellent value for the money. If you can find the similar VDH badger brush (not the boar, though it is well worth the very low price for it) then it is a thumbs up buy. Larry at is another good place to get a cheap badger. The Lijun brand badger brushes from China are a good deal. Look on ebay. Be ready to wait a couple of weeks to get it, though. The similar Frank Shaving badger brushes, also Chinese, are also very good but Ian raised his prices recently so we are still sulking and not recommending him. For soap, one word... VDH, which is badger-speak for Van Der Hagen. You can get it at walmart or walgreens or most supermarkets for less than $2 a puck. A mug can be any large crockery mug. Also get a styptic pencil for treating small cuts. And an alum block. Whole Foods and most organic hippie health food type places sell Crystal brand deoderant which is nothing more than an alum block. Oh and it also makes great deoderant. Unscented. It doesn't mask your odor. It prevents it from happening. Anyway it is a great astringent for the face post shave. Your regular aftershave will work but I recommend Pinaud Clubman from walgreens or Masters Bay Rum from Sally Beauty Supply. If you have very sensitive skin try the Nivea skin balm.

    For your first couple of weeks, shave only with the grain. Lather up and make a single pass, then relather and do another pass. The first pass reduces the beard and the second pass is the cleanup. Stretch the skin to shave closer and reduce cuts and irritation. Keep the pressure very light... let the blade do the work. Keep the shaving angle low. Before yoru first stroke, plop the razor head right on yoru face, with the handle pointing straight out away from your face. Obviously that won't cut whiskers. So rotate the handle down toward your face as you stroke the razor until you just feel it cutting. That is your angle. You must slice the whiskers, not drag and scrape them kicking and screaming from their follicles.

    Good prep is important. Best to shave right after your shower. Don't dry yoru face. Lather immediately. Hold your brush under hot tap water for a minute and then shake out the excess with one good flick. Swirl the brush on your soap for half a minute or so to pick up some soap. Apply it to the face with brisk circly motions. Re wet the brush and flick off the excess. Just wet the tips good, don't wash out the soap. Work the additional water into the soap on your face and build your lather. It should be slick, not all foamy and dry. Its purpose is to lubricate, not to look like santa claus.
  12. Welcome aboard, BellyUpFish . . . better shaves start right here at B&B!

    Slash is 100% correct with his advice . . . pick a locally available blade and stick with it for a month. Then try others.

    Another local source of good low-cost blades is Dollar General. Their DE blade is made by Dorco in Korea. Not bad at all.

    Some guys like the combination of a mild razor like the Tech coupled with a very sharp blade like the Feather. I'm not sure I'd advise a newbie to use Feather blades until he has some time to perfect technique . . . they aren't very forgiving and will bite, even in a Tech!

    Prep is key - a wet face and slick lather make all the difference in the world, allowing the blade to cut the whiskers cleanly without scraping and irritating the skin.

    I'd also recommend watching some YouTube videos by Mantic59. He is quite knowledgeable and easy to understand in his teaching style.

    Enjoy the journey!!
  13. Sure would be nice to see a picture of what you have.
    -- Chet

    (I done good?)
  14. Thanks for all the advice guys..

    I need to get the essentials and haven't had a chance, things are beyond busy for me for the next 2 weeks. I did run by a Sally today to get some disinfectant to soak this razor in and picked up some Personna blades as well. Just had to try something.

    So, I tried to shave without all the goods. A can of barbersol and my Tech. I can hear the gasps from here. LOL.

    The good news - even with the mediocre setup, I think I got the best shave I've ever had. My wife thought it was very smooth. She liked.

    So, I think I like it. I'll gear up.

    Oh and here's my "character full" brass-o-matic.

  15. The Tech comes with several different handles. I've often thought the type of handle yours has was the best.
    Good to grip and solid feeling......Congrats.
  16. Lemme get this straight... you went to Sally and didn't get any Masters Bay Rum, or the big jug of Pinaud Clubman, either one? That shocks me more than the barbasol!
  17. Well.. I had no idea those items existed until late last night and early this morning. Post shave knowledge. ;)

    Next time, for sure..

    Do you have a preference between the two?
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