Non Alcohol mouthwash?

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  1. what's a good non alcohol based mouthwash?

    Crest Pro Health stains, so I've heard.
    Biotine everyone swears by

  2. ACT has an alcohol-free mouthwash... I can't really vouch for it's quality though, as I'm not a huge fan of mouthwashes in general.
  3. Not sure if it's available Stateside but Dentyl ph is alcohol free and works very well.
  4. I think Tom's of Maine mouthwash has no alcohol.
  5. Yep, Tom's is alcohol free - I've been using it for a couple of years now.
  6. +1 on Tom's. The peppermint is quite refreshing.

  7. I have to second the Crest Pro Health staining teeth. A friend of mine kept going into the dentist and getting these stains cleaned off her teeth. After she stopped using the Crest, the stains stopped showing up.

    I got braces a while ago and was suggested by my Orthodontist ACT mouthwash. Not the Restoring as that has alcohol. This is a fluoride mouthwash which is really great for your teeth. This stuff is awesome and has a very good flavor.


    The container is even very well designed. You squeeze the bottle and the top basin/neck fills up to the right amount. I personally love the mint and you can find it at just about any store.
  8. can someone expand on this?

    I'm currently using Pro Health.

    It just happens I have also noticed to brownish colored stains between my some of my teeth that I don't recall ever noticing before.:confused:
  9. From what I hear, the Pro Health contains Stannous Fluoride, which causes some pretty nasty stains on teeth. They'll disappear in about a month on their own once you stop using the stuff, or you could pay out the nose for a dental cleaning to remove it (mostly). From what I hear a lot of people are having staining problems, I'm surprised this crap's still on shelves, honestly.
  10. ACT has the added benefit that it is a fluoride rinse, most mouthwashes are not. Should help with cavity prevention.
  11. Crest Pro Health absolutely stains and the damage can take much longer than a month to resolve. I'm amazed this has stayed on the market - I consider it a positively damaging product!
  12. I'll agree that Crest (and the house brands that copy the product) should put prominent warning labels on the product (or be forced to), but i think calling it 'damaging' might be over-reacting (at least from a health - not cosmetic- standpoint). Nowhere on the bottle does it claim to be a tooth whitener. Its function is to kill 99% of germs that cause bad breath and gigivitis and it does that job effectively thus improving the health of your mouth, i.e. pro-health. Stannous Flouride also is prescribed by dentists or used over the counter in a gel form to put on teeth becuase it strenghthens tooth enamel and can decrease tooth sensitivity.

    The staining is not supposed to be permenant, and a lot of people smoke, or drink coffee and tea knowing that it will stain their teeth. The main difference to me is that exactly: You KNOW beforehand what is going to happen.

    Personally, as a coffee drinker I have been using the Equate version mouthwash. My teeth aren't pretty anyway, as it has been awhile since I've been to the dentist and have been drinking coffee a while anyway. My next appointment is next month and I will probably quit the pro-health before the appointment and am thinking about quitting coffee and using some whitening strips to improve the appearance of my teeth.

    Mostly I'm worried about cavities though.:biggrin:
  13. I drink pots of coffee everyday and don't have any issues with excessive staining... the Crest products created pronounced, visible staining that was extremely distracting.

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