Newb - I've been using VdH, what next?

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  1. I started wetshaving roughly a month ago. Things are going well and I'm going to stick with it.

    I bought a GEM Clog-Pruf Micromatic and an old badger brush from an antique store to start with. I cleaned, sanitized, and refurbished them before starting to use them. No complaints about either. I bought an inexpensive Gilette aftershave balm, the VdH deluxe soap, and a package of GEM blades as the rest of my starter kit. I got in cheap just in case I didn't like the wetshaving routine.

    I don't have anything against the VdH soap, but I don't have anything to compare it to either. I'm thinking I might like to try something else. I'm very happy with the razor, the brush, and the blades, but I think I might like another soap better after some of the comments I've read here.

    What should I try? I don't have any use for a massive collection of shaving soaps. I'll probably sample a few until I connect with one and that's all I'll use for a very long time. I'm on a bit of a budget, so please keep that in mind. I have no experience with shaving soap past the VdH.

    Thanks for your help,
  2. Welcome!
    A couple of suggestions; for soaps try Mama Bears. She has multiple scents to choose from. Her soaps lather great and perform great. If you do much reading on this fourm you will find plenty of "reviews".

    If you are inclined to try a cream I would suggest CO Bigelow. It pretty readily available from Bath and Body Works if you have one close by. If not you can order it or Paraso cream which is pretty much the same.

    Good luck.
  3. I've been a little curious about the creams. I don't know anything about them though. How do they compare to soaps or what are the basic differences?

    I keep seeing Mama Bear come up, so I was considering trying one.

  4. Welcome to B&B.:001_smile
  5. Some guys prefer them over soaps because they are a bit easier to lather. If you have a Rite Aid drugstore nearby the carry the Real Shaving Company creams, which are top notch for very reasonable prices and last a long time.
  6. Welcome to B&B and next is williams shaving mug :lol:
  7. I started with VDH, too (really Surrey soap which was replaced by VDH). Then my wife bought me 3 pucks of George F. Trumper's Coconut shaving soaps. I wouldn't suggest going with a pricey English triple milled shaving soap at this point, but there are loads of options for you. If you want to stay cheap, try an Arko or Palmolive stick. If you want to go with a readily available cream, try Proraso (CO Bigelow at Bath and Body Works, and ya gotta like menthol) or Macca Root Cream (get it on sale at The Body Shop).

    So many other directions to go. Many soaps and creams are available online. Kiss My Face creams can be found at Whole Foods and are pretty cheap.

    Enjoy the search!
  8. Personally, I haven't found a single soap that doesn't work well for me. If you want to try something a little more upscale than VdH, there are so many choices that I won't even bother to name them here, just browse this forum for a while. There are a lot of soaps that may give you a more luxurious shaving experience. Whether you feel any different ten minutes after the shave is a different matter, but it's fun to experiment a little bit at least. I don't regret trying a wide variety, but if I just used VdH or Williams every day, I don't know that the end results would be much different.

    Bigelow/Proraso is a good cream to start with. So is Kiss My Face Moisture Shave, but don't look for it in the shaving section of your grocery. Look in a section that probably has something like "natural" soaps and beauty products.
  9. I'm in much the same situation. I've got the VdH and the Essence of Scotland Sweet Gale (which I like very much), but that's it. I just ordered some soap samples from Gary's Sample Shop and I'm eagerly awaiting their arrival. Here's what he's sending me:

    Edwin Jagger Sandalwood
    L'Occitane Cade
    Mitchells Wool Fat

    Along with some blades and aftershaves as well.

    On a budget, I would suggest you do the same. The samples should give you a chance to sample several different things and hopefully find one you like. That's what I'm doing.
  10. Good recommendation for a first cream. :thumbup1:

    For a step up in soaps I'd say get a shave stick like Speik. An excellent tallow based soap that'll only set you back 6 bucks.

    If you like it buy 2 and grate them into a bowl. Still only 12 bucks spent and they'll last a minimum of 3 months.
  11. On the VDH topic... what are other soft soaps that are similar?
  12. Get some AOS sandalwood soap. The smell is awesome.
  13. Welcome Aboard.. Try some Tabac.. :thumbup:
  14. Because nobody' mentioned it, I'll suggest one that's in my rota; Wilkinson. It comes in a blue tub and is eay to lather, even with hot water, and the scent is light--far from nose clogging.
  15. You can't get any better than what you use now. You can buy several that are as good ............... but not any better. :thumbup:
  16. Proraso Classic Shaving Soap, Tabac, Valobra, Cella Crema Da Barba are all very good and affordable.
  17. Thanks guys there's a lot of great stuff here to guide my shopping! There's nothing wrong with the VDH, I just think I want to try something else. You've definately given me some good stuff to look for.

  18. ARKO and CO Bigelow Shaving Cream.
  19. Most soaps are less than $15.00 and alot are less than $10.00. They last alot longer than the VDH soap. What makes them expensive is the bowl set, just buy the refills and put it in another bowl or container. Tabac would be the exception as it only costs 3-4 dollars for their bowl and I find it rather classy.
  20. +1 :thumbup:

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