New place to get a shave in Tulsa

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  1. So it looks like the fashion for retro barbershops has reached Tulsa:

    Not exactly a traditional barbershop -- anyplace that offers hand treatments automatically loses that distinction -- but nevertheless a place where they do shaves, and not just as an afterthought.

    One key question . . . they say they use hot towels, but there's no mention of what kind of razor they use. If anyone has been to this place, please post your experiences here.
  2. $20120301_p1BZ_MensLounge030.jpg

    Hmmm... methinks the owner doth not market his services fully. Cool hair and very GQ, though:thumbup1:, would be neat to check out.
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  3. hmmm i'm willing to bet it's a shavette.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but what's a "shavette"? On the web site I see hot towels, but no straight razors. I suspect they're using a cartridge razor . . . is that what you mean?

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