need some sdvice with my strop guys.

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  1. hey guys received my first strop today but i came curled up so when i straighten it it's not flat, any advice on how to flatten it out without damaging it.

    thanks for your time guys.

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  2. Unless you can noticeably feel the bumps when you're stropping, it's not that big a problem.
    Start with the least invasive methods of correction to see if they work and go down the list.

    1. Hang it from a hook and rub first one side, then the other, with the palm of your hand. Stretch it taut while you're doing this. This will relax the leather a bit and bring the oils in the leather to the surface. Leave it hanging for a bit.
    2. Put it on a flat surface and put heavy books or something like that on the raised parts and leave it there for a several hours.
    3. Put the strop on a flat surface and roll something like a clean wine bottle over it a few times, pressing out the folds.
    4. Roll the strop tightly over a round object like a bottle, in the opposite direction of the folds, several times.
    5. Spread some shaving lather from a tallow based soap on the surface of the strop. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Place it on a flat surface and roll it with a bottle. Wipe the excess lather off with a barely damp cloth.
    6. The same as the lather method except put a little bit of neatsfoot oil on your hand and rubbed into the strop. Then roll if there are still bumps.
    7. The nuclear option is to wet the strop with water (don't soak it) and flatten it with a weight or roll it with a bottle. This can dry out your stop or make it stiff.
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  3. thank you very much peter that was perfect will get this strop straight even if it kills me lol.

    thanks again.
  4. Kentos

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    Depending on who the manufacturer is, I would just hang it up and let it hang. Should straighten overnight or over a few days.

    My TM's always relaxed overnight :smile:.
  5. Got a pic?
  6. its straightened out guys thank you this is all new to me lol you think youve got de's down then straights come along and your learning all over again lol.

    oh on a side note bought some palmolive shave cream yesterday if you havnt tryed it guys i would highly recomend it.
  7. best of luck with it.
  8. Good luck with the strop Jonty.

    Is that the palmolive from tesco? great stuff and cheap too.
  9. i think you can get it in tesco but i got mine in superdrug chemist your right very cheap and great stuff i almost felt bad for not giving them more money for it lol.
  10. neadsfoot oil the crud out of it------ it will work
  11. Probably, but it gives the strop more draw and changes the feel. Sometimes a lot more draw.
  12. you have been around here for a while ------ personally i think it gives a great blade-------but please explain to me the benefits of more draw or less please
  13. Draw is how much drag the blade has as it travels up and down the strop. Heavy draw means the blade almost sticks to the strop. Light draw means it glides. It's more a matter of feel and personal preference rather than effectiveness.

    I use mostly full hollow blades. I prefer a lighter draw since I find that my blades drag too much with a heavy draw strop. Under magnification I find my edges are a little cleaner with a lighter draw. This may just be my method of stropping and YMMV.
    I prefer a medium draw with my wedge and 1/4 grinds since a light draw feels like stropping on glass with them.

    I always use a linen component before leather. If I used only a leather component, then I might use a heavier draw since the increased friction might help clean the blade a little better.
    I can use a strop with any kind of draw. I just don't like heavy draws and they don't feel comfortable to me.
    Neatsfoot oil can change draw from light to heavy depending on how much you use. It can feel like a completely different strop.
  14. +1 I only use neatsfoot oil when I want to intentionally increase the draw on a strop, otherwise just rub it down with your palm
  15. Just let it hang. No oil, please.
  16. thanks, i have only used a fully oiled strop , and honestly it sharpens sweet , ------maybe i can get it even better with your advice thanks
  17. i have heard and seen this too
  18. neatstfoot oil is hard to remove when its is on the strop, use it sparingly.

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