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  1. So A year ago I started shaving with a straight... Skilled the DE step and went to the straight... weeks ago I bought a DE just to try it out...

    So my personal title says it all.. What do the #'s on the blade mean?
  2. To be brief, they mean nothing.
  3. They are used for quality control at the factory. In our world they are meaningless, they benefit us in no manner whatsoever. :001_smile
  4. If you get vintage Gillette DE blades, they may indicate the year they were made, using the same date codes as their old DE razors. For example, L 3 could be 3rd quarter of 1966. If they are more modern blades, then probably nothing.
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  5. They're used for mind control. By having you constantly wonder about what the numbers mean, the companies manage to have you keep DE razor blades in mind at all times :lol:

    In reality, they don't mean a thing (to us, anyway).


    - ice

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