Mountain Strop?

Discussion in 'Strops/Stropping' started by Earcutter, May 4, 2012.

  1. that would be cow is pricier and harder to find to make..but they are rated very good
  2. i have one and like it very much.
  3. That's assuring.

    Thanks gents.
  4. I'd rather keep any seatbelts in my car.

    I really like Torolf and Kanayama strops.
  5. I've got one.
    I'm not a big fan of the woven material, but the leather is very nice.

    Local California business so I had to kick Mike some support.
    I noticed that they are no longer listed as "Mountain Mike's"... wondering if Classic bought him out. Classic is based out of Palm Springs and Mike's shop is up in the mountains above PS.
  6. Yeah, I should clarify so I don't sound like a jerk. I was referring to the secondary component, which I consider pretty important. The leather and craftsmanship look good to me.
  7. Ya, it is a VERY nice strop, but I found myself going back to my Illinois secondary component.
    I did get the 3", and am finding that I prefer the more narrow strop, so after a few weeks of using the Mountain leather (which is VERY soft and works very well) and the Illinois second component, I found myself leaving the Mountain in the closet and not switching.

    Eventually, I'll get a Tony Miller... but it seems that any time I have the extra money, he's booked up on the current production run, and when he opens up another run, I'm either broke, or miss the opening by a couple of days.
  8. LOL - Me too!! Same with Torolf... sigh.
  9. i have one i got from doc226......

    its a very very very nice strop.....
  10. Or just get an Illinois Strop for about $10 less.

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