Mothers day.

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  1. I'm on a budget. My step Mom has complained about cutting boards in the house for a while now. I saw this in the thrift store for $25 and thought I could fix it up?
    The scratches and discoloration seem to not be very deep.
    Seems to be about 2 - 3 inches thick.

    Any advice / input would be greatly appreciated.

    $IMG_2236[1].jpg $IMG_2237[1].jpg
  2. I don't know anything about restoring a cutting board, but that is a gorgeous block and a steal at that price.
  3. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    Yeah, that is a nice looking block. Well worth the asking price, it would probably retail at closer to $100.

    What kind of wood is that? I can't really tell from the pic.

    I don't know much about restoring butcher block, but it seems like a light sanding and refinishing it with a food-grade oil would suffice. Ask around in The Mess Hall forum for more information.
  4. I actually found 2 at the thrift store. Both destined for mothers day refurbs.
    $25 for the large and $15 for the small.

    $IMG_2247[1].jpg $IMG_2249[1].jpg
  5. ouch

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    A light sanding and that should be good as new.

    I got married on mother's day. I figured I would save a gift, but they only line up every few years.

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