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  1. Okay, this may be an easy one to answer, but I have major issues with my mirror fogging up in the morning, and can't seem to find a good answer for how to fix it, other than splashing water on it, and then rubbing like hell with a towel to get a space large enough for me to see to shave.:thumbdown

    Any tips/tricks you guys know?


  2. If you have any canned goo left, spread it all over the mirror and then just wipe it off with a dry towel. That should last for a while and when it starts to fog up again just do it over again.
  3. Yep, canned foam works nice. I found rubbing some Taylor's Avocado SC worked as well (I'm guessing most shaving creams will do), but I have some canned foam and I'm not using it for anything else so I'm sticking to that.
  4. Awesome, thanks - I'll give it a try in the morning.
  5. Here's another suggestion that I haven't tried myself. I dive and to keep my lens from fogging I use baby shampoo. Works great but I'm not sure how it'll do on mirrors.
  6. You shouldn't do it when the mirror is already fogged up. Clean the mirror and make sure it's dry before applying the foam, then wipe off the foam without using water. It'll be a bit blurry at first, but you can polish it out.
  7. rain X ... it is on the mirrors in the bathroom i shave in ... normally it doesn't fog up at all ... it will just bead up and run down it ...

    occasionally i may have to wipe once with a towel ... but that isn't to often ...
  8. I use a "fogless" mirror in the shower, and have discovered that when I first start loading my brush, 4-5 swirls, then "lather" the mirror, by the time I'm finished with my lather and ready to shave, the mirror stays fog-free for the rest of my shave.
    Have never had a problem with the mirror when I shave at the sink, though, but I would would image it would work similarly, except for the mess :001_smile
  9. In addition to these methods, I've used my wife's hair dryer to dry and heat up the mirror. The fog will dissipate and usually will not fog back up.
  10. A little crude, perhaps, but I understand spit works brilliantly. Guy I used to kayak with used it on his kayaking goggles. (Nothing worse than having your glasses fog up in the middle of a class V rapid).

  11. Rain-X works amazingly, also I've seen people who keep a squeegy on the counter .
  12. A few other things to try:

    -White vinegar in a hot water solution


  13. Just tried the Baby Shampoo ... works great!
  14. Ventilate the room. Use the exhaust fan if there is one. Otherwise open the door, or window, or both. The exhaust alone in my bathroom keeps the shower from fogging up the mirror.
  15. +1. If you're in a situation where you can open the bathroom door while you shave, try it. That takes the fog off of my mirror by the time I get a lather going.

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