Mild DE Safety Razor Recommendations?

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  1. Howdy,

    I am new to shaving with a safety razor and I currently have a Parker 22R (with gunmetal finish) which I absolutely love. Nothing can compare to it, especially after back-to-back ER shifts when I don't get a chance to shave. As I saw in a review on this site, I would have to agree that it does shave like a bushhog which brings me to my question.

    What are your recommendations for a CHEAP (~$20-25) MILD safety razor?

    My thought is that I could use the Parker gunmetal for when I need to shave after a long shift and then for other days of the week, I could use the more mild safety razor. I know that on a forum like this that there will be die-hard supporters of not using cheap razors on your face, but I am a student and a starving one at that. Plus, I have nearly a quarter of a million dollars in debt from medical school.

    Thank you for your help,
  2. Weishi and Gillette Techs are probably your best bet.

    Weishi's can be found on the bay for around $10-15 depending on the model.

    Techs are great and can usually be found on the B/S/T.
  3. There are some good choices: Schick Krona, a shave quality Gillette Superspeed from the 40's or 50's, and a Gillette Tech all come to mind. Any of them would be in your price range.
  4. Gillette Blue Tips are nice also and should be in your price range. You could also go the adjustable route and leave it on 1 or two.
  5. Edwin Jagger DE89 can be had for ~$35. Beautiful, well made smooth razor.

    A few bucks more for something that will last for many years.
  6. Gillette Tech. Mild, beautiful, plentiful and cheap. I picked up a fat handled version from 1938-1945 in an antique mall for $2.97 (plus tax :001_smile). Have one I bought on eBay (Ball handled version, it's like new) for $3.75 I think (shipping was around $3.50, I know my total was a bit over $7). You can buy them all day every day for about $10. It's vintage, it's cool, and way cheap. Top quality to boot. What's not to like?

    If you really need a great shave, pair with a Feather blade, and you're in!
  7. Giving another recommendation for a Superspeed, or a Gillette Tech. Both are mild razors, and built like tanks (especially the Tech, being a 32 piece razor there is very little that can go wrong with it.)

    If you want to go new, The Weishi, and Ming Shi are Superspeed clones, and the Feather Portable is a slightly more aggressive Tech clone, that is available from user "Pauldog" for under $10 shipped. It's also a 3 piece razor, and built really well; even includes a handy dandy storage box for traveling.
  8. Mildest is probably the Schick Krona. Cool razor, too, and incredibly easy to maneuver. Probably the easiest to use mild razor on the planet. Twist-to-open top makes blade changes a joy, too.

    Next choice would be a Gillette Tech. Only drawback is that it is a 3-piece razor, so blade changes are not quite as simple. Probably a little cheaper than a Krona, but we are talking maybe 15 bucks for a Krona and 10 for a Tech (or thereabouts).
  9. +1 on suggestions about also if you want to spend a bit more (and probably wait for one to come around) the Wilkinson sticky is about the mildest razor out there.
  10. +1

    They are mild and they get the job done.
  11. Thank you everyone for your input. I think I am going to go with the Weishi since I have an Amazon giftcard that I want to use. Also, I like the gunmetal look which Weishi also makes and it comes with a nice travel case.

    Do you agree with my idea to use an aggressive razor and mild razor combination?

    Thank you again.
  12. I personally would use an adjustable razor if that were your plan. That's what I do now. I use my slim on 6 or 7 on Monday when I haven't shaved all weekend and then on 4 for the rest of the week.
  13. :lol:
  15. Even with 6 months DE shaving under my belt a 32 piece razor sounds like a nightmare :lol:
  16. I wouldn't buy a Weishi, FWIW. You can buy a vintage Tech for around $10. I think there is a Tech on the BST right now, and they pop up quite often.


    If that sells before you get a shot at it, keep your eyes peeled. They're not hard to find.

    My take is buy the Tech, and then use the gift card for something you really need.
  17. +1

    The new EJ razors are very versatile. At ~$33, they are mild and forgiving, and with a sharp blade such as a Feather, a butter-smooth and close-cutting dream of a shaver. And the workmanship on them is second to none.

    Better than any vintage Gillette I've ever tried (though to be fair I haven't tried a Blue Tip SS).

    Or you can go with a Merkur Slant, which is IMO the perfect razor and does not deserve its reputation as "super aggressive."
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  18. +1

    The Weishi(9306-G) was far too mild for me but there are many here who love them.

    Good luck!
  19. Schick Krona.
  20. I just bought a Weishi and the doors were out of alignment. And it's too mild, I tried shaving with it and it felt like there was no blade in the razor. I would recommend a Gillette Tech with black plastic handle. Inexpensive, light weight and mild. I do agree with your aggressive/mild combination. I have a 1960 Super Speed Flare Tip which is somewhat on the aggressive side, a 1955 Super Speed which is middle of the road, and also a 1950 Tech which is milder.

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