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  1. I just saw an ad for the Micro Touch One - a new TTO DE razor. $20 for the razor and 10 blades in a travel box. Has anyone tried this? Any AARs?

    ETA: this ad was on Fox News at about 05:55 this morning. The ad touts the superiority of the DE over carts. It implies your DE blade will last longer than a cart. If this takes off, the vintage market prices could sky rocket.
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  2. "Pawn Stars" Rick Harrison!!!!!!!!!!
    Made me chuckle! :drool:
  3. Yes, there have been a couple of threads about it. Mark, aka Mantic, is one brave soul, has took a bullet, ordered one and will be doing a review in due course.


    Also, its worth noting that its not $20. Its $20+$8 shipping+$5 mandatory additional shipping for the manadory additional blades + state tax in CA or NJ plus customs fees and duty for international orders. That is one expensive $2, Chinese, pot metal razor! :scared:
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  4. Pot metal if you're lucky!
  5. I was not so much thinking it was a good value as exposure to our tools and way of shaving. If lots of guys convert, the vintage stuff will explode in cost, but there may be more players in the quality new razor supplier pool. Pretty much I am coming from the "any exposure is good exposure" line of reasoning.
  6. I wish I could see this in a more positive light.
    It simply looks like these TV marketers found another two dollar product that they can sell for thirty dollars.

    Using a good quality DE is enough of a challenge.
    This piece of garbage, along with the accompanying blades is a recipe for disaster.
  7. It looks just like my Weishi, even the case, just a different color.
  8. Oh is this yet another pot metal razor that cracks as soon as you drop it? No thanks. I'll stick to my solid nickel-plated-over-brass vintage Gillette products.
  9. 'But wait, act now and we'll double the offer - one razor in each hand lets you shave in half the time - just pay extra shipping and handling' (which by the way is usually more than the product is worth).
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  10. $2 Chinese TTO Razor review

    I needed a travel case for my designated travel razor, a 1952 black tip super speed, so I ordered off fleebay a $1.99, shipping inc. TTO (twist-to-open) razor that looks similar to the Micro Touch One. I was going to throw away the razor but decided in the name of Razor Science and all things crazy to shave with it this morning.

    I will keep this review short. It is a toy. The molded pot metal TTO on the bottom of the handle is very sharp on the bottom edges and screams bad quality. The razor actually weighs a substantial 49g verses the steel handled, brass head Super Speed that weighs 46g. As for shaving with it, two things are quickly apparent. I did a 2 pass shave (WTG&ATG) and it barely shaved any beard off. It is ridiculously mild. The other issue is if you look closely at the attached picture that compares it with the Super speed, you will notice that the razor head is practically flat. I could not figure out how it is possible to properly shave under the nose or hold the razor at the right cutting angle. Needless to say, I gave up after two passes and re-shaved with my Slim Adjustable.

    Conclusion, the case is worth $2. The razor is useless. It concerns me that the Micro Touch One will be equally useless and permanently scare newbies away from DE razor shaving.

    $P8161858[1].jpg $P8161859[1].jpg
  11. I don't think the "As seen on TV" market works like that. I think people get sucked into buying the latest and greatest floor sweeper, massage toy, kitchen knife, skin crème, fitness gadget or now DE razor shaving and when the product ultimately disappoints, as all "as seen on tv" gadgets inevitably do, people just go back to using the tried and tested products that they used to use. I actually believe this is bad for the DE shaving market since I think peoples disappointing experiences will scare them off DE shaving permanently and such poor experiences will be shared with the persons friends and family.
  12. +1 on scaring away newbies with a bad product. Yes, most As Seen on TV stuff gets used a few times and discarded when it fails and the person goes back to what they used to do, but I'd hate to see an eager newbie disuaded from wet shaving by a truly terrible razor. Plenty of us started with some mediocre peice of gear, but it was good enough to show us what was possible and to find something better. If it was absolute crap, well, we may never have sought a better alternative in the same vein.

    Oh, and while we can find lots of vintage razors for under $20, there are precious few new razors at that price that are decent. And I'm suspecting this one is overpriced at $20.

  13. Riff Raff

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    I too saw this ad this morning. Yes, it very well may cause fear among new wet-shavers by schlepping an inferior product. But then again, it may cause another enterprising company to offer some competition and start advertising restored vintage razors, or manufacturing a quality alternative.

    I can see both sides of this coin. I hope it sparks ingenuity and entrepreneurship (is that a word?) for a decent alternative. I would love to see some of the more popular manufacturers of wet-shaving products advertise and become more mainstream.
  14. I just think it is a really stupid name for a DE razor.
  15. Was that 12 months of shaving from 24 blades, who could resist :scared:
  16. I too have recently became a not so proud owner of this device. However I can't say that it ruined my perception of DE's, but rather sent me on the hunt for a range of quality DE's out there. I am still waiting for my Muhle R89 to get here so in the meantime I've been using an $11 Pesonna Shavette with Feather blades and couldn't be happier. Once I get a real DE I can finally decide if I'll stay with the DE or just stick with a shavette. Even being TOTALY inexperienced I have less razor burn with a cheap shavette than I still get with the Micro Touch.
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  17. I can only give you $1.59 for it cause there's just not that many people coming in here looking for this type of razor so its going to be sitting here a while in our pawn shop :)
  18. This is funny for me to read. I saw this commercial and had never thought of using a DE razor. I had seen them but had no idea they still made them or the razor blades. I did a quick search, something generic like "safety razor" and watched my first YouTube video on wet shaving. The rest is history, several months of research on shaving forums and YouTube. Put together my own starter kit and boom! I bought an Edwin.Jagger and I'm glad I didn't order the micro touch one on impulse, otherwise I would probably still be using mach 3
  19. The microtouch 1 brought me back to DE shaving which is what I learned in the early 70s. Couldn't find my dad's old Gillette but I did find the MT1 online for $8 shipped. It reminded me (as I learned in 1974 or so) that the cartridge razors didn't actually give a better shave. I had forgotten after so many years how disappointed I was with the Trac II or whatever.

    So I invested a paltry $8 and realized that Rick was right. Even a cheapazz DE gives a better shave than the carts. So now I've spent a few more $$$s and use an OC Pearl as my everyday. Still not expensive at $18, but a very good razor nonetheless.

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