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  1. Thought I would save my first post for a time when I have something to bring to the table. Just a update on a local pharmacy, found a decent product line up at ZMC Pharmacy in Royal Oak. I picked up some old formula of Proraso (both green and sensative), thought I would stock up before they get the new stuff in. They also had a Omega shaving cream, Musgo Real products and a few other odd ball products, including aftershave and soap refills and handfull of DE razors....
  2. Thanks! I'll have to check that one out the next time I'm in metro Detroit.
  3. I am in Utica, I may have to make a little trip when I leave work in Sterling Heights sometime soon
  4. Hmm, i did not realize they had Musgo Real products. I'll have to stop in now.
  5. I was suprised by what he had to be honest... He also had blades, but for the life of me I cant remember what brand's (did not need any this trip). It's worth checking out, a must if you want to stock up on the older Proraso. I almost took a run at the Musgo Real balm, it smells awesome!
  6. ***Update*** Ran back up to the store today to get a better look at what they had, last time I was with my wife. As far as blades, they sell Feather and Merkur (priced a little high, but still under $10). They sell Merkur razors, I seen a 34c in gold, Futur and a 42c. Also they had a large line of caswell-massey soaps.

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