merkur 15c vs Merkur 1904 open comb

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by antsjack, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Anybody have experience with these two? Which one has a heavier handle?
  2. Den


    15C - 58g

    1904 - 62g

    Also would like to note that the 15C is chrome plated while the 1904 is nickel plated. I own a 15C and it gives great shaves.
  3. Chrome vs Nickel-
    What is the difference?
    Which lasts longer?
    Keeps a shine longer?
    More durable?
    Scratch resistant?
  4. Appropriate time to ressurect this thread.
  5. Agreed. I'm thinking of adding the head from the 15c/25c to my current razor that runs a Merkur 34c head.
  6. Isn't a 25c a 3 piece and a 34c a 2 piece?

  7. Yes, the 34c is a 2 piece, but I understand that the head on the 34c is the same head that I have on my 3 piece razor from T&H. In other words, I'm referencing the safety bar nature of the 34C's head shape, NOT the fact that it is a 2 piece. Anyway, back on thread, what I'm really interested in learning about is the difference between these two open comb designs from Merkur. From the little that I've been able to read here, it seems that the 15C/25C is chrome plated while the 1904 is nickel?
  8. I use the 15C with the handle from an old crappy headed Parker- and it makes it a really nice razor! Very much like the 11C which cannot be gotten new anymore!:a36:

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