Lynn Abrams DVD?

Discussion in 'General Straight Razor Talk' started by Obsessed, May 30, 2009.

  1. Has anyone watched the Lynn Abrams "World of Straight Razor Shaving" DVD? Is it worth it, or can I get all that information here?
  2. Lots of good info in it, buy it
  3. get has lots of good info
  4. professorchaos

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    I believe he has also posted the videos on YouTube.
  5. I have it and in my opinion for someone starting out it should be on the required reading list.
  6. +1 Just get it.

    The best $20 you can spend when it comes to straight razor shaving: expert advice on how to buy, hone, strop and shave... all in one DVD.
  7. Yes to both. You can find everything here and on SRP, but will spend hundreds of frustrating hours learning what he includes on the DVD.
  8. The DVD is awesome and Lynn is the Yoda of straight razors.
  9. you absolutely can learn everything without the dvd,
    however the advantage of having it is that you don't need to sort out the good advice from the bad advice on the forums.
    and yeah i think lynn has it uploaded on youtube, or at least the most important parts for newbies.
  10. the entire DVD is a couple hours long and it covers everything, I believe there is 9 parts to it and while some of it is on youtube in parts it is definitely worth it to buy to get the entire video
  11. Well, this uniformity of opinion is rare enough out here to make me believe the video is definitely worth it. Thanks.
  12. I just ordered the DVD last night. I forgot to get it with my first razor purchase.
    I saw the first couple of videos he posted it on youtube and it really seems like a must have
  13. I hope I can load this on my iPod to watch on the train. I'll bet dollars to donuts that Mrs. Obsessed is not going to want to sit through any of this DVD! :001_smile
  14. Seriously, does anyone know if/how I can get this DVD onto my iPod? Thanks.
  15. I have used this to rip quite a few dvd's to ipod. It can even do chapters if you do m4v i think it is ?

    It is opensource, free too.
  16. Thanks!
  17. I think he does an excellent presentation....well worth the price. If anyone can't afford it, I'm sure they could find someone willing to lend them a copy.

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