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  1. Gents,

    I'm looking for a guard that I can put on any straight razor. Does anything like this exist? I know of a couple that came out in the early 1900's but it seems that these are extinct...where can I get/improvise one?
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    Aren't the scales suppose to act as the guard?
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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by a guard.
  4. DSB


    Are you asking about something akin to training wheels? I haven't heard of anything like that before, and I can't imagine it would work very well.
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  5. I've never heard of these. Explain. :confused1
  6. I'm betting you're thinking ofa durham duplex

    while held and used similar to a straight, it uses what are now sold as carpet cutting blades (and aren't recommended for shaving)

  7. You mean the comb type guards that fit over the blade? I think there is a reason they became extinct - safety razors made them redundant.

    I can't think of a way to design a generic clip-on guard that wouldn't risk damaging the fine edge of a straight razor. I'm afraid the only effective guard is to use caution and good technique. The risks aren't that great apart from some people dropping their straight and trying to catch it!
  8. Since it seems such a thing is difficult to find, you might want to try shaving without one. If you take it easy and never do anything that you do not feel ready for, you should be alright. There is nothing wrong with beginning and/or ending your shave with whatever you were shaving with before until you feel comfortable with your straight. Good Luck!
  9. I assume the OP is referring to one of these;



    The pictures were taken from a SOTD thread (Dr Hackenbrush posted the excellent pictures)

    His comment on it was;

  10. YES!!!!!!!!!!! That's exactly IT!!! It fits over the blade of any straight razor, sort of converting it into a "transitional razor". I've heard these came out briefly before the DE Safety Razor took over...where can I find one? (I'll buy it off of you)!
  11. That's not mine. I have no idea where you will find one or how long you will need to keep searching for. Good luck in your search though.
  12. Don't know where to find one but one of the makers:
    E.P.Brewer Company, their version was the "Best Razor Guard"

    It would be easier to find a Curley's Straight Razor. you should be able to pic one up pretty cheap
    (the pic isn't mine, it's from another site)
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  13. I have heard of the "Best Razor Guard". I think I will make it my quest to find one. But for now, I have just acquired this....
  14. Glad you found a "stand in".
    I don't think it will be easy tracking down the guard.
  15. I'll keep my eyes open for you but in the mean time maybe you can hire the Pinkerton's to stand guard
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    Only the baddies ever hire The Pinkertons. :ohmy:
  17. I liken using a straight razor to playing football without a face bar on your helmet.

    These contraptions (which I had never seen before looking at the pictures in this thread) remind me of a shavette. Instead of the blade it holds razor blades in a sleeve and a little bit sticks out for shaving.
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  18. I will eventually learn the Art of the Straight Razor...but for now, I have to take baby steps...and there's also the coolness factor of having something that's pretty rare!
  19. You have educated me on these i had never saw one before. And i agree with the baby steps. For my first shaves i would do a WTG pass and do the reat with a DE, I did quite a few shaves like this before i did a ATG pass with a straight.
  20. Shaving with a straight is not really that hard, just go for it!

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