Longest lasting Bay Rum available?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by JET, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. JET


    I have Ogellala, Master, Stephan, CO Bigelow, and Carribean. None have any staying power. I had on Master last night and my soon to be ex-wife came over and asked why I smelled like urine. I recently got the Master Bay Rum and have grown to love it, but now Im not so sure. I love the Carribean one as well, even more, but none of these last. I'm looking for a Bay Rum that will last a while longer and where I might buy it? Thanks all!
  2. Try SCS bay rum
  3. I have 3 bay rums and Pinaud is the longest lasting and still one of my favorites.
  4. She may just be spiteful. Soon-to-be-exes can be that way I hear....
  5. Em's place has a very nice Bay Rum cologne - not after shave, but real cologne. It lasts a long time and is very nce but...it is very expensive @ $33 an oz. That is more than a lot of designer fragrances. I'm still looking for a longer lasting Bay Rum, but this seems to be a good one.
  6. Have you tried the Bigelow Bay Rum cologne? I'm thinking since its staying power you're after, a cologne might be more in order. I like the Bigelow version of Bay Rum as well.
  7. My wife's sensitive nose will only tollerate bay rum and spice AS/colognes. I use Michelsen, Meehan, Dominca, SCS, St. Thomas, Taylor of Old Bond Street bay rums. Unfortunately, all are expensive.

    IMHO, Michelsen is currently my best bay rum AS. And, Meehan is my best bay rum cologne. It lasts all day for me.

    Since I'm always looking, I'll have to try some Booster, etc., and the others you folks have mentioned.
  8. scoopster

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    I think your best option is to use whatever bay rum aftershave splash you like, knowing it is not going to have staying power and then applying a bay rum cologne of choice for the longevity.
  9. I'll second the Pinaud's.
  10. Old Saying: Better to be pissed-off, than pissed-on!


    I like the St. John's Bay Rum ASB and matching EDC (available from Colonial Drugs)
  11. Ditto. I prefer Dominca's scent, but Pinaud's is (by far) the longest lasting I've tried.
  12. I got a bottle of Pinaud's Bay Rum. I liked it ok, but SWMBO said I smelled like a clove tin.
  13. Yeah, as far as aftershaves, I'd agree with those who recommend Pinaud. WARNING: It's HOT stuff!

  14. Wow, not exactly ringing endorsement of the Master! That gave me a good laugh.
  15. Not sure I'd give up on based on the reaction of a soon to be ex. :001_smile

    If find my so far not going anywhere wife likes my cologne if she is in a good mood and happy with me, and thinks I smell like piss if she is not in a good mood or not happy with me [sorry to be redundant there]. It's like wine - wine is good if you like the people you are driking with and swill if you don't.
  16. Doc4

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    The only BR I've used is Pinaud, and it seems to last a long time. I have just received a bottle of Royall BR, but have not used it yet, although it smells nice. FWIW, I find that other Royall lotions (Lyme and Mandarin) have a pretty good staying power (perhaps due to being an all-purpose lotion rather than just an a/s.)
  17. Pinaud will definitely stick around and it seems pretty strong scented.

    I used to use it all the time and love it, I guess I'm a massochist b/c I love the burn, makes you feel alive. However, I actually don't like how long it sticks around.

    Thankfully, I picked up some 4711 edc last night. It's got a pretty good amount of burn to it if you use it as an aftershave splash. The scent doesn't stick around all that long, but at least I don't smell it 3 days later like the pinaud seems to be doing for me.
  18. Has Bigelow discontinued their bay rum offerings?
  19. +1

    She's probably just mad that you never smelled that nice when you were together!
  20. I haven't found one that lasts long either. If I apply a heavy moisturizer that complements it,before hand, like Palmer's Cocoa Butter or various "sandal wood" scented lotions, it seems to helps. Sometimes I'll also dab some Aqua Velva Musk behind my ears and on my wrists/ chest. This goes well with the bay rum and seems to help. I spicy soap and deodorant like Dark Temptation by Axe (I know but trust me) also helps. I think Bay Rum, by nature, is fast fleeting which sucks. It seems like somebody could do something about that. I had heard the Ogallala was supposed to last a long time. I think Ogallala makes a double strength bay rum cologne that might help but I haven't had a chance to try that yet.

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