I got the RADS.

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  1. Ive only been traditional wet shaving for about 3 weeks I already have 3 safety razors a Merkur 34c, muhle r89, and some old schick tto, 3 vintage straight razors, 1 schick injector eversharp, 3 brushes 2 boar 1 badger. 18 different soaps and creams 4-5 aftershaves. A couple pre shaves.and 3 mugs. To make matters "worse" today I ordered a feather Japanese straight, Merkur slant, blades, more floid blue, other various creams.

    Will it ever end?
  2. Nope, enjoy the ride
  3. Three weeks and eighteen different soaps and creams! Wow!
  4. maxman

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    It goes in a cycle. You buy, you horde, you sell so that you can buy and horde again.

    At least it's fun despite the expense.
  5. No. But you're making me feel better about my affliction.
  6. This is most impressive - good work
  7. You'll find with time that they will get better, but they can pop up again at any time. So as they say, enjoy the ride.

    Also you're going to love that Feather straight.
  8. Please don't discount "some old Schick TTO", the Krona is a wonderful mild shaver. I use mine more than anything. And, no, I don't think it goes away, it just switches around from one thing to another.
  9. Look for the deals!
  10. Ditto on all counts. The Krona is a fine razor. The AD's switched from razors to brushes, and now is swinging back to razors. I am trying to decide between a Fattip Piccolo and a Muhle R41, neither of which I need. I just keep telling myself this is cheaper than collecting cars or motorcycles. Or guitars, which I also collect.
  11. Oh no. i like my schick, i just didnt know what model it was. it was one of those thing that my wife picked up real cheap (7$)at an antique shop and turned out being a great find. Just like the old macgregor soap she bought me.
  12. Eighteeen soaps and creams in three weeks is indeed impressive. More of a SACAD than RAD. My affliction has been more traditional: 30 razors in three weeks. (Plus five brushes, eight to ten soaps and creams, countless blades, etc.)
  13. Not bad really....:whistling:
  14. I'm loving it! I used to hate shaving. I was always scruffy. Now I can't go a day without shaving!
  15. +1
  16. nailed it.
  17. I thought I had a problem with acquring 8 safeties, one brush, 4 soaps/creams in a month.
    I think I can now count myself as quite sensible and frugal. :innocent:
  18. pretty much this.
  19. I've seen worse. :) I remodeled my bathroom after three weeks...
  20. Ding! Ding! Ding! (We have a winner)

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