How does your brush travel?

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  1. My job makes me travel lots. I was wondering if anyone had come up with a way to travel with your brush that was safe for it? My last case was a round cylinder that zipped shut but it has seen it's better day. I was thinking something plastic the brush could be dropped in with a snap lid with holes drilled everywhere?

    Lets here what you guys do.
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    I use a plastic cylinder I bought from Em's Place but you could accomplish the same thing with a large size prescription bottle you can probably get for free or close to it from your local drug store.
  3. "Let's hear."

    Mine travels in a vintage chromium tube with a screw top that is part of a vintage English travel kit. All sorts of American and English style travel kits are available on eBay and at local antique shops. My leather kit with chromium tubes and brushes cost all of $6.97 on eBay.

    Also, many of our English purveyors, like the 3T's, sell branded plastic screw-top tubes seperately from their brushes (usually pretty cheap). Those are also an option if you have a favored brand.
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  4. Thanks I will check with my little hometown drug store.

    Anyone else?
  5. I feel like such a Luddite. I let it dry somewhere in the room (bring string and hang it if you want to) then throw it straight into my toiletry bag before I fly or drive. Brushes these days are pretty durable things.
  6. Kool post links! Lets find these tubes.
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    ive got a turnback now, but before that I used a tube of toilet paper. Fit the handle nicely, and if it got wet or munted somehow its super easy to replace.
  8. I use an old cranberry juice concentrate tube with holes drilled in the lid. Cost next to nothing, is durable, travels well and lets the brush air dry!
  9. My wife got me a vulfix travel razor for Christmas. I have used it many time so far. I brush the excess water off the brush then screw it into the handle. By the time I get to my next location, the brush is pretty dry.
  10. Mine travels loose in my dopp kit.
  11. Cool got pics?
  12. Yep. What they said! :thumbup1:
  13. +1. I totally agree with myself. :biggrin:
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    You heathens!

    I always get my brush a first class ticket. The little guy is a pretty bad traveler, but after a few gin and tonics you can't shut him up :tongue:
  15. +1 on a toilet paper roll. If not, I just pack it in a small glad tupperware with some TP so it doesn't shift around. Seems to work OK.
  16. Member drandall did a group buy on these last year and they are excellent. I drilled holes in the top so the brush could get some air. Prior to this, I used a pill bottle from my local pharmacy. Just take in your brush and they will find a bottle that fits.

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    My brush stays at home. When I travel, I take along cream that I can apply by hand.

    My shaving gear for on the road is minimal. One adjustable razor, at most 2 types of blades, a tube of cream that's almost empty, a small bottle of ASB, some cologne, and that's about it.

    I don't even try for the BBS that I can easily get with my fully-stocked shave den and regular rotation. All I need to do is keep myself presentable, and anything better than a CCS while I'm away from home is a bonus.
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  18. That is great. How could I scoop one up?
  19. Go to and e-mail them.

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