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  1. I've been slowly working my way through the many highly regarded vendors here on B&B. So far I've used Mama Bear's (Carribbean and Marauder's Citrus), QCS creams (Esquire, Queen Charlotte, Hanami, Provence, & Mysore Sandalwood), KMF Green Tea & Bamboo, and Essence of Scotland's Sweet Gale. Next on the list was Honeybee soaps because Sue is right in my back yard so how could I not, right?

    In some ways, it's fortunate that I have a sensitivity to fragrance oils and have to stick with EO. This narrows down my field quite a lot. I'd seen several reviews on here for HB but none talked about the 100% EO soaps. I ordered 2 soaps last Friday night along with some goat's milk bath soap (part of a bday gift for mom), Carribbean Vacation and Cedarwood & Sage. I got them on Tuesday (let's hear it for crazy good service).

    I test lathered both and shaved with Carribbean Vacation. The lathers were incredibly stable and easy to create (bowl lather with horsehair brush). I expected nothing less based on everything I've seen so far. Carribbean Vacation is a bay/lime/vetiver combo that's really nice and subtle. It reminds me a lot of the Carribbean blend from MB that was my very first soap so there was a little nostalgia.The vetiver made my skin tingle a little (not unpleasantly, just noticeable). Cedarwood and sage smells heavenly and I can't wait to try it! I'll extrapolate on my thoughts for the soap as I use it more but I am a very happy customer so far.

    And just so you guys know, Mike's is on my "to try" list too. Probably going to order some samples next week :001_cool:

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