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Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by prophetic_joe, Jul 30, 2008.

  1. Ok guys I have a very supportive wife however I am not sure she fully understands exactly what I am collecting. She came home today with a really nice looking razor but I have no idea what it is or what she should have paid. From what I understand it is an Army issue razor from WWII, made by Penn. any other info would be great.

  2. Anyone?
  3. looks like it might be a single edge razor sort of like a GEM
  4. It's definitely a single edge. The blades are a little smaller than that of a Gem, it comes with some made by Keen Kutter
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    Ph.Krumholz has a auction with the PENN. The auction will close in 4h. Search on ebay to "razorman2"
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    Looks like a partial Penn service kit in the wrong case.

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  7. after reading the excellent advertisement provided by M80, it seems that it's a DE not SE - also, that flat metal piece with a hole in the picture shown in Joe's original thread looks like it could be the strop handle - can't tell for sure from Joe's pictures but it doesn't appear to be a complete set again after reading the old ad supplied by M80 :001_unsur ??????????????
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  8. Still an SE, I think. The ad copy says it contains a "double-bevel" blade, not a double-edge blade. They are touting the way the blade edge is made, with a bevel followed by a thinner bevel.
  9. The flat piece of metal is a shaving mirror.
  10. Yes the flat piece is the mirror. The long cylindrical piece is probably the stropping handle but I think it is missing the blade holder. Apparently there is supposed to be a strop but it isn't there.

    Any chance of seeing a pic of a blade?
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    I jumped the gun on this one. Correction,
    Penn Army Kit No.4

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  13. Interesting. Thanks!
  14. Wow, so the set is correct. Cool even if he can never shave with it.
  15. Why can't he shave with it?
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    maybe he wants to collect it?
  17. Aren't the blades some proprietary thing that can't be found anymore? Unless he wants to modify modern blades. The pic M80 posted seems to show a strange blade shape.
  18. True, but he has at least two blades. They probably are not coated and probably do not have a compound bevel. I would hone one of them if there is no unused one still in the wrapper that has no rust or corrosion at the edge. If there is, well, there ya go. Strop it and shave.

    I think those blades would be pretty easy to duplicate out of some thin 0-1 steel, BTW.

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