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  2. Thanks for sharing, esp. the suede video.
  3. Never would have thought on looking at Youtube for something like this, its much apreciated!
  4. I see you, and raise you this!

    Completely, incredibly magnificent shoe care-porn:

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    i have watched this one many shows that it is not that hard to get a great shine in a few minutes. I know there are a few cutaways, with drying time, you can do a good one in about 30 minutes.

    I love this guys water dispenser. or is this a guy ?
  6. I wasn't sure at first, but when I saw him standing at the end, I was pretty sure.
  7. There's another vid of him on Youtube, he's definitely a he. :001_smile He's speaking Japanese and not polishing shoes in it, so...

    I actually tried his method. Works pretty damn well, if a bit laborious. However.. I used to get this shine with just Kiwi cream and a pantyhose buff, but the shoes were sticky afterwards, so I had to make sure I didn't touch them too much when putting them on. With this guy's method, all residue is removed, and they're perfectly clean to be handled by hand. Not sticky or anything!

    I'm gonna keep doing it. The brushes are of horsehair, which is pretty cool. There's been talk about horsehair shaving brushes. I tried the one I got on my face before I dipped it in cream.. Ouch! There are softer variants than the one I got, but still!

    I don't have any oil like the one he applies after the first cleaning of the shoe, that might be why I don't get the ultra fat/moisturised look on my boots, but still good.
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    what do you think he uses in this video....???? :blink:
  9. There's a comment below the vid trying to tell, but I'm not sure.

    This is what I figured it to be, and the process:

    1. Remove laces

    2. Brush shoe to clean

    3. Apply runny shoe oil (maybe the same kind of oil they use to treat leather soles? I dunno..) I used neutral Kiwi instead.

    4. Apply shoe cream with brush (I used Boston Shoe Cream)

    5. Brush off.

    (Do cool twist with brush)

    5. Wipe off (you'll see it on the cloth, don't worry)

    6. Wet cloth

    7. Apply coloured shoe polish, then neutral (add water and more polish as needed. You need to use more than the video makes you believe).

    (DON'T apply too much water if the leather is cheap, or attracts water easily. I tried this method on casual dress shoes, and they absorbed more water, the polishing effect/gloss is drastically reduced)

    8. Wet brush and brush off polish. (Wet as needed, but easy does it! I was splashing all over my room earlier)

    9. Final buff/polish with wet cloth.

    The water and cloth buffing seems to have a big effect. I'll try this on my more fancy dress shoes when I get a hold of them. Maybe I'll post a video of it. Or pictures.

    The great, awesome effect this leaves you is that you're shoes are shiny, but also very, very, very clean. If you do this properly, there is no residue left whatsoever. You don't have to worry about polish mucking up your trouser hems or fingertips when you put them on.

    This obviously works best on leather intended for polish. My boots are partly wax treated, with only the tip and heel being harder, finer pieces of leather. Thus they get really shiny while the rest is more.. normal. Still clean and neat though.

    These are my boots approximately two hours after the process, and they've been outside in the snow, and I've touched them a lot. Still pretty good.



    In the second image you can see some dirt on the tips, but that's from the trip outside.
  10. mark the shoeshine boy

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    wonder what the oil is...

    lanolin ???

    vegetable or olive oil ???

    where would you find the oil that you mentioned ?
  11. Not sure.. Maybe mink oil? That's something I've heard of a lot. The shoe shop I visited today didn't have anything like that, but I'll try to remember visiting a shoemaker when I'm around, to try finding out.
  12. "(like beeswax enriched with mink oil)"

    I was partly right! Same as the guy on YouTube commented, then. I'm gonna check these products out.
  13. mark the shoeshine boy

    mark the shoeshine boy Moderator Emeritus

    it comes from england...and there are a couple of palces in the IS for me...good luck, tell us what you find.
  14. This gave me goosebumps. Thanks for the shoe-care porn "raise." :biggrin1:
  15. Hah! I see what you did there...
  16. Good tips and tech! :thumbup:
  17. Just hit a pair of boots and dress shoes with shoe polish last night. Seeing these would have been good, I've always done the same thing while polishing, essentially the same thing as the Art of Manliness article here.

    And Rossmeister, what sort of boots are those? They look great.
  18. I don't own any high-end dress shoes, but have a few pairs of casual leather shoes. A shoe salesman once sold me on Dr. Marten's Wonder Balsam and, I've gotta say, it does a fine job restoring the leather on these shoes. I just hit them with the balsam and a new horse hair brush and they look fantastic. Especially my 6 year old Josef Seibel boots. Those were pretty beat up and dull looking, but now the leather looks healthy and has a much richer color. I suppose after drying overnight I'll the final result.

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